Around my home town of wine there are many other beautiful destinations. One of them is the YBurg (Y-castle) in Stetten-Kernen. The YBurg (sometimes written Y-Burg) is a more or less square building in the vineyards, which in my opinion hardly deserves the term „castle“, but is really beautifully situated and offers an unbelievably great view of the Rems valley towards Stuttgart.

By the way, it is pronounced E-castle (e in english is pronounced more like i in German) and not Ypsilon-castle, as some people might think now. It is also supposed to be called Yberg or Eibenburg, but I have never heard these terms from the locals. But apparently the old name of the area was „Eibenberg“. And that again is the origin of this quite strange looking name.

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About YBurg

The YBurg is located above the village of Stetten in the Rems valley at 330m above sea level. The former pure residential castle is surrounded by vineyards and built directly into the slope. You will not find any fortifications or similar on the grounds of the castle. About the history of the YBurg Wikipedia says:

The exact date of foundation of the Yburg is unknown; it was built in the early 14th century by the Truchsessen von Stetten. After the construction of the moated castle in the valley (1384-1387), however, the Yburg lost more and more of its importance for the Stetten dominion. In 1443 Hans von Yberg sold the castle and his share of the village to the House of Württemberg. The castle, which was described as dilapidated in 1598, was repaired in 1659 and given a fourth floor.

By order of Duke Carl Eugen von Württemberg, the castle was finally demolished in 1760/61, down to the outer walls which are still visible today.

Vineyard house in the vineyards around the Y Castle

How to go to Stetten

Stetten is unfortunately not directly connected to the S-Bahn. From the train station in Waiblingen, it is best to take bus line 211 to Kernen-Stetten.

If you come by car, you will find plenty of public parking spaces in town. Please note that driving on the paths between the Wengerten is only allowed to a limited extent. Unauthorized driving can result in an administrative fine.


How to get to YBurg

From the village you can reach YBurg via concrete farm roads and stairs. Driving through the vineyards is only permitted to a limited extent, which is why the castle can only be reached by tourists on foot in a legal way. There are also no parking spaces. However, it is also possible to take a long detour through the vineyards to reach the YBurg via paved roads only, and it is also possible to reach the castle with prams or wheelchairs.

The direct way up is not very long, but partly quite steep. In the upper area, just before one reaches the castle, there are some signs that inform about the local flora and fauna. For example, cacti and peach trees grow here, and with a bit of luck you may also see lizards. Around the YBurg and also in the walls themselves, 16 sculptures by the artist Karl Ulrich Nuss from Weinstadt Strümpfelbach have been installed since April 17, 2011.


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Wine tasting of the Stettener Weingärtnergenossenschaft

At the end of August the Stetten Wine Growers‘ Cooperative organises a wine tasting at the YBurg. When I was there in 2015, there were some tents, tables, benches and parasols at the castle, all of which were well attended. At that time I only allowed myself an apple spritzer. The apples for the spritzer all came from the region. Here in the Rems valley there are so many apple trees growing that you can’t even eat the whole apples and many fruit meadow tenants have their apples processed into juice.

Except for the wine festival, there are no catering facilities at the YBurg. There are also no sanitary facilities. However, there are some further up on the vineyard at the Sängerheim, where hungry hikers can also stop for a bite to eat and also have a very nice view of Stetten and the surrounding area.

Around YBurg

In the immediate vicinity of the castle there are mainly vineyards. A little further up the mountain there is the natural monument „Sieben Linden“. And even further up the mountain you come to the aforementioned singer’s home. There in the forest there is also a nice round hiking trail of about 6km length.

Since it is a gravel forest path, it is probably only very limited suitable for wheelchairs, but with an outdoor stroller you can walk it very well. There are some gradients, but by far not as steep as in the vineyards.

At the Sängerheim also starts the Herzogliche Kugelbahn, a real fun for young and old. You can buy one or more balls directly from the machines and visit the individual stations. The goal of the marble run is the climbing garden.

The Remstal is really very beautiful, and if you ever come to Stuttgart or the surrounding area, you should consider a detour there. Especially in late summer, when the wine is ripe and the leaves can change colour, I would recommend everyone to visit the Remstal! You have a wonderful view of the setting sun.

View of a part of the ducal marble run

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