Welcome back to the next report on our Roadtrip. Austria was really nice in the end, but unfortunately our time there was far too short. In short, we considered whether we should stay, but then decided to go further to Milan. Freshly fortified from the very best breakfast I have ever had, we are started around 11 am. Today we would be sitting in the car almost all day, that was clear. So we refueled in Austria before the Italian border again. If you are travelling by car, in Austria, refueling is much cheaper than in Italy. The difference per liter of diesel was about €0.4!

On to Italy

The transition from Austria to Italy was flowing, almost everywhere the signs were in German, and the architecture did not reveal any major differences. Not even the number plates helped, there were just as many Italians as Austrians. But we should only be right, so it was easier to understand the signs.

The Navi was set so as to avoid all highways. We still drove a small part of Bolzano on a motorway. When I looked at the shortest way, he passed by the lake Garda according to my phone. That's why I was really nervous for a short time, when the Navi suddenly sent us towards Merano. Quickly checked all the cards again. So we would go through Switzerland! Well, we had planned it anyway, because it was only half as wild, but the route would be longer and the driving time accordingly. or not? In hindsight, it was only about 40km more. And I suspect that due to the traffic situation around Lake Garda, the Navi has led us directly differently.

Our route Part 1
Impressive view on the way to Merano

Beautiful routes in Iatlien

We did not regret it, the track was beautiful and also mostly good to ride. As a co-driver I didn't think I was doing well, because at every speed limit I pointed out to my friend that the penalties abroad are much higher than in Germany. And in curves that my friend took too quickly, I sometimes felt really uncomfortable, because in some cases it goes down quite deeply. And then there's the traffic! The accident has added to me something more than I wanted to have true, I was overanxious, after all it was a car with €1000 excess. Had this not been the day would have been much more relaxed and we could have enjoyed the tour much more. In hindsight it annoys me too, so, dear passenger and passenger inside, relax!

Beautiful Little Avenue in Italy

Even though we were actually only on the main road, we in Italy have now and then driven through small, really cute villages. I would have liked to have always gone out there and gestromert a few hours around. Regrettably, the timetable was so tight that we had no time to do so.

Idyllic village in Italy
Mountains as from the picture book

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Further to Switzerland

At the Swiss border we bought a vignette and exchanged some money. You never know, it could be that we want to get hungry and buy something. From there it went on very curvy but empty streets. Phew, if we have a glitch here, we don't even know where we are.
We made a stopover at the Maloja, from there you also have a really great view. Especially on the roads that would still come. Since I have been driving since Italy, it was now time for a change of driver. Besides, I didn't want to take the opportunity to drive these curves to my friend! Even though it would mean that I would sweat blood and water. Not because he can't drive, but because too many others cannot drive (see our accident on the first day). There is also a video of the descent, but this was done only with my canon and is accordingly shaky. With a Dashcam would have been a really great video.



Break at the Maloja

Street at the Maloja

Back to Italy

From Maloja it was not far to the border. However, we had some traffic jams on the street. A tunnel was locked and the bypass was only lane. This was regulated by a traffic light circuit. What the Swiss have in any case ahead of us are the ads above the traffic light, how long it is still red. From 60 seconds is counted down. Why don't our traffic lights do that? After the tunnel there was a huge debris field on the left of the riverbed. I was wondering what they were doing. It looked as if something had been demolished there. And the bridge to the federal road was also locked, so we had to stay a little further on the bypass.

After the holiday, when another stone slide was reported in Bondo, a name that came to my mind fell so well… And indeed, we really went along there, where just before our holiday and three days after our passing heavy mudslides the village threatened and even cost lives. That I didn't get on it while I was driving… But in the news everything is so far away, now were right next to it…


Promotogno in Switzerland
Murenabgang in Sottoponte at Bondo in Switzerland
Our route 2. Part

Beyond the border, the track has unfortunately become more and more unpleasant. At first it was still passing by the lake and through idyllic villages. But that soon changed. Almost 20 kilometers we were led by tunnels next to the Como before we reached the metropolitan area around Milan and finally also the city border. At the entrance it began to dawn slowly, it was already almost 8pm. But our hotel was booked Yes and the Navi knew it. So after a very long drive we finally found our hotel. After a very late dinner we also fell to bed and slept very well.

Between the mountains it dawns much earlier.

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And what we have done in Milan and have not done, I will tell you soon! And if you missed my previous reports, you can find them here:

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