Welcome to the second part of my Roadtrip report! If you missed the first one, just click here. Unfortunately our Roadtrip is not very well started. The hotel we have been staying in was unfortunately an absolute grey. Two single rooms, connected by the bathroom. The mattresses are well located and old, dead insects in the room. But after all, it was dry. Outside it started to thunderstorms. We could still sleep a little.

Horrtrip Part 2-or: How to get a rental car

After the not so relaxing night my friend grazed the Internet the next morning and somehow managed to find a rental car. At Sixt in Rosenheim, available from 12 o'clock. That was just setback 35km away. So running was not in there and buses drove through the coffee felt only once a month. The nice gentleman from the evening before, who had actually promised to bring us to Rosenheim, had already checked out, although we were actually agreed to breakfast. No matter what, there are taxis. So at the front desk asked if we could get one. Since it was still early, this also surprisingly ran totally smoothly.

The view from the hotel in the morning

The check out was also not an issue, because in the evening before we reached the ADAC and asked for a cost transfer for the hotel. Basically, we would probably have been able to submit this to the enemy insurance, but I just wanted to be sure. Our hotel booked in Austria we had to inform in the evening that we would not come. A cancellation was, of course, no longer possible at 8pm. If we had known at 3pm that we could not come, it might have gone differently, but so?

After all the theatre, I was quite surprised that the taxi arrived on time. Should everything be all right from now on? The taxi driver, a nice elderly gentleman, knew immediately where to go when we told him "Sixt in Rosenheim". Apparently he had to drive people there often. There was traffic jams on the highway. Sure, what else. Why should she be free, too? But our driver knew all this already and was driving a sideline. During the trip he told us a lot about the tourists who are now flocking, about municipalities that do not agree on the motorway renovation and at the same time two bridges and the many traffic there. And also about the fact that many newspapers today do not publish anything that is somehow critical of the community or against the government.

At first the weather was still good.

The trip lasted an hour, but we were so well entertained that it seemed to us much shorter. At 11:30 o'clock we were already at Sixt in Rosenheim. Earlier than planned. Then it would be all the more expeditious. The day had started so well, what else should go wrong? Basically nothing except that our booked car was not available. We really had to wait two hours for that. In addition, the Lady of Sixt was totally unfriendly. As if it were our fault that the booking confirmation was wrong for 12 o'clock. Every reasonable service employee would have apologized briefly for the poor programming and expressed his regret.

Our route on 27.8. 2017

All right, then. So we had to kill two hours on a Sunday in Rosenheim. Luckily, not far away was a Mömax, where we ate a trifle and drank something. We didn't have a drudge, and we didn't want to be slippery in the heat with all the luggage in the area. So against 13:30, the call finally came, our car was there. Until we were back at the station, inspected the car and had the interior cleaned again, we finally drove off.

Finally the Roadtrip continues!

A short time to the bank, a petrol station where you can buy a vignette (our was unfortunately already stuck in the crashed car) and finally go again, Roadtrip the second attempt! Again mostly on the road we drove across the border at Kufstein. From there it went over the 171. 173 and 178 to St. Johann in Tirol and on to Saalfelden on the stone Sea to Fusch on the Grossglockner road. On the way I finally could take pictures again. Most of them were created during the trip, because we were late, we could not stop so often to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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From Fusch We continue to the toll station, where we still have a short rest. Originally it was planned to stay in front of the toll station and then start the morning after breakfast and stop and walk more often. So what to do? Continue the Roadtrip as planned and have more time in Milan, or stay one night longer in Austria?

As we finally decided and whether we regretted the decision, you will get to know this in my next post!

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