My first Giga event and how it

We had a long weekend, and no one was there. So planned
I make a trip for myself alone. Where should it go?
I look at the page

Xanten, so far? What’s going on?
Picnic at the lake. That was it. I wanted to go, I’m sure it’s nice
So I drove off in time to do some more caches. But it did not. The meeting place at the lake was probably so blocked that in the short term another meadow
was selected. She was close to the town centre and there were shadows. The place is so beautiful that I just looked at everything. Then there was also a fair.
So I was able to exclude the cache first. With my little
Folding chair back to Meadow… There I met some cachers that I
of Citos from Hattingen knew. We’ve been chattering and chattering
and chattering. As I said still sadly that Saturday I did not
Would come because I didn’t buy a ticket.

Saturday, day of the Giga-event

But Friday my daughter came from Stuttgart and I got her from my
Beautiful day in Xanten told. She has offered herself immediately
Come back with me on Saturday. When she saw what an inlet it
And how many cars were on the road that came from everywhere,
Even with motorhomes, she became curious and we bought us a
Ticket at the cash desk. The tickets for the events were sold out well in advance, so we could only go to the park on our own. Well, we first looked around the logbook. Found! I haven’t seen a logbook like that. Where will they be accommodated??

Taschenlady-immortalized on the logbook
Scrum at the logbook
Unfortunately no luck at the lots…

Then at last we went through the gate, got our ribbons and ran off. I was amazed at what Geocaching has to buy. A UV flashlight for non-
Times €10, socks, other clothes, wonder bags and and and.
Of course, there were also coins, Navis, magnets, logbooks, partly Very much
Failed, and interesting cans….

The funniest thing I found is that there are already dates for next year, but they are not yet published online because they are more than six months in advance. Many cachers have been given the dates and want to participate in it, I too. It seems to be a giga again. But, dear people, you probably won’t top it

Early in the morning it was still manageable.

 Roman-Germanic traces

The theme of the Giga-event ran under „Roman-Germanic tracks“. So, many good ideas have been matched to play, lectures, attractions, playgrounds and caches
On the subject. I’m just overwhelmed. Watch the videos. My daughter gave me two hours of her time, there were six.
Again, a heartfelt thank you. I love you and
Sandra so much! Many, many thanks to the Orgas, who have thought and carried out everything to the detail super, even with the parking lots. The owners have mowed their meadows so that we could park our Cachermobile there. There were felt 5000 vehicles, cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, bicycles… When you get back to such an event, I’m in and better prepared. I’d give you 10 loops if you could.
I was able to take the following links to the videos from the log of team funds, the organizers of the project GeoXantike:
Friday, Meet & Greet:
Project GeoXantike: Http:// further interest in log, it is now well over 8400, I can show you where you find it. Your GabiPS: on you find me at Taschenlady

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