At the end of August I was on a photo tour and decided to go to the Y-Burg for Kerns-Stetten. This is a more or less square building in the vineyards, which in my opinion hardly deserves the term "burg", but is actually quite nicely located and offers a really great view of the Remstal. So far I have been there and had to photograph the way there and the vineyards and the view from the castle.

Grapes 1.1The Y-Burg is located above the village of Stetten in the Remstal on 330m above nn. The former castle is surrounded by vineyards and built directly into the hillside.
The story says Wikipedia:

The exact date of the founding of the Yburg is unknown; It was established in the early 14th century. It was built in the Truchsessen century by the Stetten. After the construction of the water castle in the valley (1384 – 1387), however, the Yburg again became increasingly important for the Stettener rule. Hans von Yberg sold 1443 the castle along with its share of the village to the House of Württemberg. The 1598 castle, which was described as dilapidated, was restored 1659 and was given a fourth floor.

At the command of the Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg, 1760/61 the demolition of the castle was made up to the external walls still visible today.

The way up is not very long, but partly quite steep. In the upper area, just before reaching the castle, there are some signs that inform about the local flora and fauna. For example, cacti and peach trees grow, and you can also see lizards with luck. Around the Yburg and also in the walls themselves have been since the 17th century. April 2011 16 Sculptures of the artist Karl Ulrich Nut.

At the end of August it was still very sunny and hot. Stupidly I had nothing to drink with it, but probably a camera bag with flash unit, Macro lens, accessories, purse, phone as well as a tripod. And of course my camera, also with lens. To my already too many pounds, so came a few more. and the heat… But luckily, the Winegrower cooperative had just held a wine tasting at the castle on that day. There were a few tents, tables, benches and umbrellas at the castle.
Pretty flat I wanted to buy an apple Spritzer, but because the nice gentlemen thought I was from the newspaper, there was the spritzer for free. I solved it immediately, but still had to pay nothing. The apples for the spritzer are all from the region, here grow so many apple trees, that you can not eat all the apples.
Since I was traveling by car, I unfortunately had to dispense with the wine tasting. But since I prefer to drink very sweet wines, most of them don't taste me anyway, so it was half as bad. The visitors there were very nice and with one or the other I also got a little talk. There was food too, but here too I have renounced.

However, there were so many people now that it was hard to think of a quiet photograph. Cars always came (although the roads are actually locked) and pedestrians pass by. And before 100 people build my camera and point to the setting sun, I didn't really like it either. After all, I got one or another beautiful picture. A few pictures can be viewed in the gallery.

The Remstal is really beautiful, and those who come to Stuttgart or the surrounding area should consider a detour there. Right now in the autumn, where the wine is ripe and the foliage discolored I can only recommend to everyone to visit the Remstal! There is a beautiful view of the setting sun.

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