A new phone has to be here, a Windowsphone should be!

After I had such a big bad luck with my beloved Wiko rainbow (I probably caught a Monday model), I exchanged this early April just before the end of the warranty period and looked at something else. At this point be said, do not buy at anobo.de, there is no free customer hotline in case of problems and e-mails are simply ignored. There was only one standard mail on request, you should send the mobile phone (at your own expense of course).

Finally, the wait has come to an end!

Since my friend had already switched to Windowsphone for a year and I also finally wanted something new, much the choice very quickly on the Lumia 640 XL please. Actually, it should come already in April, but since the Vorbestellerzahlen were surprisingly high, notebooksbilliger.de had problems to deliver the phone. Since there was a Bluetooth speaker in the bundle with the mobile phone and at the same price as in other online shops without the speaker, my mother and I took the waiting time. She also wanted to have a new phone and a new tablet, so I also got her to the Lumia 640 XL, since it is very big with 5.7 inches and so she only had to buy one device.

We paid Per Device €219 plus shipping. So there was a 5.7 inch mobile phone in orange, the appropriate charger, a coupon for a three-month subscription to Image +, a replaceable battery and a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers and cell phone packaging


Included in the Lumia 640 XL

What I lack is a USB cable for connecting to the PC and a headset. I still have both from old phones at home, but instead of the picture voucher it would have been clearly more sensible. At least I was lucky with the speaker, so at least I can listen to music or audiobooks in the bathtub. ;)

Here are a few impressions:

Front and back


The phone offers space for two SIM cards and one SD card


The battery is interchangeable

Processing the Lumia 640 XL is good. Although the case is made of plastic, it still feels very comfortable in the hand, not slippery and despite the size not bulky. It is also surprisingly easy with 171g.
The Lumia 640 XL is equipped with a 13MP main camera with LED light and a 5MP front camera, which I have not tried today.

I love the individual design possibilities and tidiness with the individual tiles on the start screen.

Important apps can be displayed larger than more unimportant. So far my screen has only been set up temporarily. Color can be chosen from 21 different color designs. Since my phone is orange, I have also chosen orange tiles, but I think I will try other colors in the next few days.

The first impression of my new phone is very good and I am extremely happy to have opted for it. With Windows I have been able to practice something from my friend thanks to the Lumia 635. But I still don't know many functions, I hope that I will find time to familiarize myself with them.

Soon I will report on how the Lumia 640 XL beats in everyday life and introduce you to some interesting features.

What is your impression? Have you ever tested a Windowsphone? Do you have questions that I should go into in a post about the functions of the Windowsphone?

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