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Last weekend we were back home with the family. We have also taken the opportunity to look at the latest Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

to the plot

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord and his friends, Gamona, baby-Groot, rocket and Drax are doing their livelihoods as mercenaries. However, rocket cannot let the stealing and upset a mighty client. After getting Gamonas sister as "payment" for their services, they all have to flee. In a seemingly hopeless situation, the Guardians ' spaceship is initially rescued but so badly damaged that it crashes. But the savior appears again and turns out to be Peter's lost father Ego.
Peter, Gamonaund Drax follow him on his home planet, while rocket Gamonas guards Sister Nebula and baby-Groot. As it turns out, ego has very special plans with his son Peter… At the same time, Peter's father Yondu is looking for the Guardians of the Galaxy to sack a bounty. His team mutiny however and captures Yondu, rocket, Nebula and baby rocket.


From the first second on, the audience laughed almost continuously in the cinema. Baby-Groot is just too sweet! We watched the movie in 3 D. For many films I think this is Geldverschwndung, but here the effects were really great. Great Weltraumeffeke, many colourful colors, but also the planets are very nicely opened. The story itself is also very good, although I don't want to anticipate too much here. Much of the action is predictable, but that does not harm the film in any way. You don't see such a movie because of the complex story, but because of the many funny dialogues, the great space scenes and, of course, baby-Groot!


Those who liked the first part will love this part. But even without having seen the first guardians of the Galaxy, one finds himself immediately in the action and can follow well. The characters are funny, the dialogues for shouting funny. Simply a very good movie!

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