Thor: Day of decision

Thor: Day of decision-action

In fact, Thor once again wanted to save the universe and protect his world Asgard. But this time, something is going wrong. Not only does he find out that a brother Loki has shipped her father to a retirement home on Earth to be able to rule himself as Odin, no, they also have a sister, Hela, the goddess of death! And they are anything but friendly. On the run through the Bifrost, the two brothers are pushed by their sister from the Bifrost and land on a planet on the edge of all known worlds. There, Thor has to prove himself as a gladiator and defeat the champion. This is great, green and veeeery angry!
While Thor, Hulk and Loki are stuck on Sakaar, their sister wants to subjugate her first homeland and then the whole universe. But our heroes get unexpected help… But if that’s enough to save your homeland?


Unlike the previous Thorfilme, this is less gloomy and much funnier. Thor, the fallen prince, must fight on a garbage planet as a gladiator against his old friend. Of course, his new master wants to clean him up and miss a haircut. Even if Thor can hardly scare anything, the hairdresser is probably the worst thing he has ever seen.

The dialogues are somewhat shallow in the German translation, but the Marvel films are not seen for profound conversations or serious topics. The conversations are often very funny. We laughed so much during the movie! Even the fighting scenes were really great. And the brother quarrel between Loki and Thor does the rest. Anyone who likes Marvel movies will Love “Thor: Decision Day”! A movie that may be worth watching. Whether it must be absolutely in 3d I do not know, but on the big cinema screen with the sound effects, this is an absolute must!

Have you seen the movie yet? How did he like you?

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