There she is again, the strawberry season. When spring comes and the sun is laughing, strawberry cakes are baked again, strawberries are nibbled with ice cream and cream, or the sweet fruits come into the mouth directly. Preferably also freshly picked from the field. But hold on, fruits? Wrong! The strawberry is actually not fruit, but it belongs to the collection nut fruits, so strawberries are only apparent fruits.

The strawberry-no fruit, only sham fruit

The actual fruits of the strawberry are not the red things, but the small nuclei (nuts) on the shell. The red is actually the bottom of the flower and not a fruit. The strawberry is multiplied by the small nuts when it is eaten by small animals that regain the nuts.

But whether it's nut, fruit or something else, you can conjure up the most beautiful dishes from the strawberries! Besides cakes and ice cream You also taste really great in a goat cheese-strawberry-salad! Or you can make some great strawberry sugar out of them! The fact that strawberries and pepper fit together very well, I have already told here: click

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