The last wish-an adventure by Geralt of Riva The Witcher

I must say yes, I am a huge fan of The Witcher PC games. Part 1 and 2 have played through my friend and I together. Only once. The game is that some decisions affect the end and thus affect the next part. But with well over 40 hours of playtime per game, there is simply a lack of leisure time to play it through. Because I find the world so interesting and the main character Geralt of Riva Yes anyway, I thought, I just read the books. So I bought the first volume of The Witcher series "The Last Wish" by Andrzej Sapkowski.

WitcherHere is the book excerpt from Amazon:
The sorcerer Geralt of Riva deserves his money with fights against monsters of all kinds. He cannot complain about a lack of orders, because there are enough people who desperately need help against vampires, dragons and other demonic beings. When Geralt frees an airspirit one day, he strikes him with the fateful and agonizing love for the beautiful sorceress Yennefer. And then Geralt best friend is seriously injured and needs his help…

Yes, I just don't know what to say. I have expected an epic story to be completed in an exciting climax. But I was more than disappointed. The book consists of many short episodes from Gerald's life, which have no relation to each other in terms of time or content. I had the impression that there were some flashbacks, because sometimes the places and people appear more often and can at least be brought into a sequence.  The individual episodes in themselves are very nice, except those where a little princess killed at the behest of the stepmother by a hunter in the forest should be led and killed. He should bring her heart as proof. She is saved, but the Savior turns out to be a perverse tyrant. When she is a little older, she can turn off her tormentor and escape him. She finds refuge in the mountains with seven small adolescents. Is it familiar? Me too. Only I found it neither witty nor fitting. Also the evil Rumpelstilz, who was a queen dissidents in this book, in this world and this narrative absolutely out of place.

The way the individual characters speak is absolutely identical. Very rude and partly vulgar. Of course, Geralt is not a child of sadness, as a witcher he is a mutant who cannot bear children himself and is immune to most diseases. Of course, he also uses that. However, the book lacks the sensuality that one has implemented halfway well in the game. I am also totally annoyed that the individual characters in the different persons can absolutely not be distinguished in language. No matter in which region, what status or gender the characters have, they all talk absolutely the same. In none of the books I have ever read, I have become so aware of it as in this. Typesetting, length, expression, everything is always the same.

Even though the individual episodes are very nice in themselves, I simply lacked the red thread in the book. The teaser refers to the last episode in the book, which is not really that much longer than the others. The reader does not even learn how it happened that the Geralt and his friend were exactly where they were, ala it comes to the "main part" of the book (or rather to the end). I could not say now whether the story plays before or after the other episodes.

Despite the very interesting world Insegsamt, the book has disappointed me very much and I will probably not buy more volumes anymore. Because even the reading samples of the later books did not promise me at all.

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