The Grand Tour-memories of Top Gear

Finally, after a feeling of eternity, the old Top Gear team is back-the Grand tour.  Unfortunately, the new edition of the original Top Gear was under all cannon, so I didn't look at it any more. But the Grand tour compensates for the long wait!
The fact that I find Fast cars great, one or the other has certainly already heard (for example here). So it was clear that I had to watch the Grand tour together with my friend! Even though I have to promise him after every succession that he will get at least one of the featured cars from me at Christmas (or in between). ;)

The intro was really awesome. Only the sad Jeremy Clarkson, who leaves the BBC building, stands in the rain and flies to America, then three really great cars, three friends reunited and then a grandiose picture like the most dangerous cars or motorcycles drive through the desert, the three moderators In their cars in the middle and always a little faster than the rest, until they lead the vehicles and drive to the waiting spectators who are listening to a band. The song that was played was also perfectly suited to the scene! As I have read, the intro 2.5 million (in words two point five-million) should have cost the euro!

The whole show was very much inspired by the old concept, cars, the report piecing and in between it repeatedly "studio" recordings. Because of the new concept but not from a studio, but a tent. The Zeltstuio scenes were quite nice, but unfortunately in some place totally exaggerated and contrived. So it was from the discussion whether the royal Navi is now better than the American staged a studio brawl. The scene with the studio guests was also worse after each guest. Unfortunately.  And yes, some jokes also work. There is still air up here for the future consequences. That was better overall.

My conclusion

Apart from that, the old gentlemen still have it. As usual, the most expensive cars are also Albert and of course they all pull each other through the cocoa. That your species is polarized is no secret. You just have to like them. Or you don't like them. Something in between there I don't really think. I certainly love her, for her wit and also for her political miscorrectness.  And yes, this show can and should be watched by ladies too! But if, then look best in English, if necessary with subtitles. I have only looked at two sentences in German and this is really bad. The synchro never meets the joke and the irony of the original!

And if you compare the Grand tour with the new Top Gear, then you can only say the Grand Tour is the way Top Gear should have been. Cheeky, loud, always something under the belt, full of dream cars, which not only make men's hearts beat louder and the nightmare of every environmentalist! You can watch it on Amazon with an Amazon Prime account!

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