Stuttgart, city of car makers! Here the first car was practically invented. This is where the most popular upper class cars of Germany are built. This is where FORMULA1 world champions are made! And yet, in the city there are too many cars for too few roads. And too many job sites!

But back to the cars. Here the greatest things are developed. Autonomous driving, that is the goal. On the way there we already have tracking assistants, automatic spacers, stand-alone parking. All things that should make life easier for us to drive. Whether you need anything? Well, it can't hurt, but the more technology in the car, the more it can break down. And I wouldn't want to drive my car all by myself, at least I would still like to steer myself.

But despite all these great achievements (or perhaps just because of it?), there seems to be more and more motorists who are overwhelmed with the easiest tasks. For example, let's take a turn. We learned in the driving school that there is a lever on the steering wheel to be operated when you want to turn. It is about the "direction change indicator", also known in the vernacular "blinker". Do you know? Well! Do you use them too? Even better!

So if you press this lever now, then various mechanisms are set in motion, which will bring a lamp on the left or right side (depending on whether the lever was moved up or down) to blink. And this blinking shows the other road users that one wants to change direction. Since our cars are not yet able to read our thoughts, and our fellow human beings are even less so, this invention is super great to show others his desire to change the direction of travel.

Especially in Stuttgart, but recently also increasingly in other regions of Germany, this lever seems to belong to the special equipment. or the cars were converted and should now work telepathically, but are still in the pre-development stage. Whatever the reason, more and more vehicles simply turn left or right without blinking. Or quite a few change the track first and if the vehicle is already 80% on the other track, then start flashing. Or you can stop and expect to be able to smell that you just wanted to park and you can't do it anymore because you're too tight.

Direction change indicator ("indicator") on
Direction change indicator ("indicator") from

Therefore my request to you: If you also hear the "Blink muffles", the lever to press up and down is easy! It's so easy that you can even do it with a single finger! And it doesn't hurt either! Try it sometime, maybe you even find a favor! Your fellow men will thank you if you get to know your plans early, or to change the sprint!

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