The best blog posts-Read November 2017

After a successful start in September, there was no overview of the inspiring blog posts that I found in October directly the following month. There was just too much going on, business trip, trouble at work, sickness and “home vacation” and some things to do. After all, there was the world’s best chicken soup to quickly get back to health! And winter tires have been on my car since that too.

In November was again more time to read, especially in the last days. I’ve found some really great blogs. That’s why I’ve finally put together a selection of the best posts I’ve stumbled over in the last few days and weeks:

Yes who does not know these cliché images on blogs or on Facebook. Suzan from how to write better has summarized it brilliantly and also gives tips on how you can easily get along without cliché images.

We should all be much more like daisies. Why? This is best read on Vision’s garden!

A spooky travel report about a cursed forest in Romania has written Dan. Who dares to go to this forest?: click

A somewhat oppressive travel report on a visit to the “Killing Fields” in Cambodia can be found on the Wayfaring Voyager.

Do you suffer from sleep problems? Luckily I don’t (or at least very rarely), but if you ask yourself why you can’t sleep through and why all the many tips don’t help you, you can finally find an answer to your questions on Habitgym!

Not only purchased followers, but also bots make honest (insta) bloggers increasingly life hard. You can find a contribution on BEMOREIMPULSEE.

If you haven’t read my post “5 books you should have read”, then it will be time. If you are looking for more books inspiration, just check out the girl & Tonic.

On “Lights of the World” I found a really great post about photography in bad weather. Just look here!

The new post must be written, the apartment cleaned or the paperwork done, but you push (like me) always everything before you? Then you might find help with Grad girl.

If you liked this overview, just share it on Facebook, Google + or Pinterest with your friends, so that even more people will find these great blog posts!

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