Summer break

Hello dear friends!

Like so many bloggers too, I will take a short break. Currently, the weather is too good to hang after work just in front of the PC. Right now I do a lot of walking my new camera and doing some sport again. And soon we might even want to leave for a few days. No later than 1. September there will be new posts from me again.

Among other things, I am preparing a kind of application counselor and will also tell you the one or other story I have experienced during job interviews and in the work. New product testing will also be in place. I am also considering publishing recipes for lunch at the office. And I want to introduce you to the Remstal, too! Her very, the ideas are there, only unfortunately there is just a lot of time to implement everything.

I think I'm going to remodel the blog a bit, some categories are summarized to make things a little easier. I don't know whether I'm redesigning the blog in color yet, but I'm at least playing with the idea of exchanging the pink/brown against blue or greens. Maybe something in the direction of Brown, too? As you can see, I am still totally undecided here and will leave everything as long as it is.

I wish you a great August and a beautiful summer!

Your Tanja

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