First of all, historically, gingerbread or spiced are not pure Christmas pastries, but have been baked all year round. Only when the ingredients became scarce in the 30-year war did they get baked on special occasions. Therefore, my current tip may well be eaten all year round: spiced spread.


Spiced on bread

At Edeka I saw the Spekualtiusaufstrich "Speculoos" of a meire and at some point I could not pass it. The spread originates from Belgium and in fact also exists to a large extent, namely 57%, from spiced. The rest are fats and sugars and various forms. I paid around €4 and bought it after a first test run already.

The Spekualtiusaufstrich is color-convincing with a pleasant light brown colour. Tasteless: Indescribable! So delicious! It tastes incredibly good after spiced and is pleasantly sweet without tasting too much sugar. Nutella is considerably worse.

The spread is much stronger than nut nougat spreads, but can be spread well. I just don't have a spread to compare with. Probably still peanut butter.


Nutritional information and ingredients of the Spekualtiusaufstrich

Well, on closer examination, the nutrient table says of course, you should leave the fingers of it, the spread skin already pure. But honestly, who devours 100g of it?

Nutritional values 100g
Value610 kcal/2538 KJ
Protein3.6 g
Fat43.2 g
-of which saturated fatty acids9.4 g
Carbohydrates52.2 g
-of which sugar31.4 g
Salt0.16 g
Fiber< 1.0 g

After all, the spread is also suitable for vegan nutrition, as it does not contain any animal products:

Ingredients: Speculoos biscuits (wheat flour, candy sugar (Candico ®), non-hardened fats and oils, raw cane sugar, soy, invert syrup, traction agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate, cinnamon, nutmeg), vegetable oils (palm oil, canola)


Those who like to have a sweet breakfast, should definitely try this spread of bread, taste not only at Christmas but all year round. And because of its solid consistency you can also spoon it very well, then you have to be aware of the number of calories. He's still delicious!

Do you already know Speculoos? or another Sppekulatiusbrotaufstrich? Can you imagine trying it?

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