Series Review: Stranger Things

The American science fiction Mysteryserie "Stranger Things" is on the 15th. On July 1, 2016, the American video-on-demand provider Netflix appeared. During our trial month, which we have activated extra to "Luke Cage", we have also looked at this series. At first I was very skeptical, so I'm not really the horror fan. Accordingly, I was not very enthusiastic when my friend wanted to watch this series.


On a Monday in November of the year 1983, a 12-year-old boy disappears in mysterious circumstances in the fictitious little town of Hawkins. His mother turns to the local policeman, who does not take the matter seriously at first, but quickly realizes that this is far more than a runaway boy. In the following night, the boy's three friends want to look for him, but instead find a girl of the same age. She introduces herself as "eleven" and speaks only single words. Mike takes her home and hides her in the basement.
Eleven has telekinetic abilities and has fled from a research facility. The former recognize the three guys very quickly, but their origin is silent.

In the following days, the girlfriend of Mike's sister Nancy disappears during a party. Nancy and Wills brother are looking for Barbara together and wants, since Nancy believed in the place where her girlfriend disappeared, to have seen a monster. At the same time, there is a photo of Barbara from the night, on which something can be seen, which is very similar to the being that Nancy saw.

Whether and how will and Barbara are found, I will not betray at this point. Also not whether the monster is real or prefigured and what role eleven plays in all of it.


At first I didn't want to see the series, but I had my friend beat me wide. In the end I even urged him to look at another episode, even though I should have gone to bed. This series is simply the hammer! The characters are interesting and you like them, even the chief, who is presented as a drug-addicted alcoholic. But in the course of time one also learns what has thrown him out of the way. Will's mother is a bit tiring, but still you feel very fast with her.

But not only the action and the characters are very well managed, also the ambiance is really very harmonious. While Mike is growing up in a very sheltered home (even if his father is failing as a father on the whole line), the broken life of Will is reflected in his living environment as well. Everything seems to have run down somehow. Nobody wears colourful clothes like you could expect from the 80s. The hairstyles and the music are very fitting.

All summed up you can say that the series does pretty much everything that can do right. Harmonious storyline, interesting characters, just the right mix of humor and suspense. And an end that makes you wait longingly for the next season!


Stranger things can be viewed on Netflix. A trial month is free of charge, then monthly fees apply.


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