Yes, I know, in many things, I'm a little slow. Procrastination calls himself that in technical jargon. That's why I used to have only three years to redeem my voucher for a ADAC safety training course.

Luckily, the three-year-old coupon Grace was adopted. The downside was, however, that I had to get up at 6 o'clock on Sunday in order to get really awake and punctually at the practice place.


After the classification of the participants in groups and a short presentation round, it also started quickly. First station in safety training: braking exercises. I'm guessing that had to brake heavily all the time, but who really did a full braking? OK, I did, but couldn't have guessed that the car would stop at the green light. Could have been avoided anyway. But sometimes it just doesn't. And for such cases one should definitely be prepared!

A full braking from 30km/h is quite simple. and the braking distance very short. At 50km/h you can get to the stand much later. During the exercise we had a fixed point where we should brake. But our trainer also showed us where to start braking at 70km/h, when the reaction time is calculated. Namely, where the car has already stood at 50km/h, if one also calculates the reaction time during a braking manoeuvre.

The hands-free braking was also exciting. If you now beat your hands over your head, then I can soothe you, even when your hands are beating together, the car brakes and continues straight until it stops. Don't you think? Try it on a quiet track.


At the next stop we practiced dodging, with full braking and completely without braking. Exciting to see how well the cars of today also fit through supposedly narrow gaps and how well and safely you can dodge with some courage. But the differences between braking and non-braking are also serious, some of which have been thrown off track. It also shows how important the correct sitting position is to be able to react really well and quickly.

I found the slalom part quite boring, maybe I should have tried it more, drive faster, bad seats etc. But for some he has shown that he/she still misdirects and makes far too hectic with the poor. Less is sometimes more here.


The "Slip part" has been divided into several tasks. First we should drive at 20km/h, then at 40km/h through the roundabout and then so fast until we notice that the car breaks out slowly. Which was appallingly early in the case. In the following we have practised what you should do and what you should not do in any case (steer!!). Here I was also able to test my sport mode and can only say: Now I know why the insurance is so expensive. In sport mode, the car breaks out much faster and when you untrained and/or Overestimating the situation, then the departure is pre-programmed.
By the way, normally the ESP light lights up when the ESP is switched off. When it is turned on, the lamp is off. Just a little tip…

It was exciting to see how good (or rather bad) our cars brake when the roadway is extremely slippery. Or how hard it is to catch a car suddenly thrown into the sling. By the way, smarts are quite bad here, they have a much too short wheelbase and can hardly be caught again.
In the sling test I also tried the sport mode. I tell you, if the car turns and just doesn't want to slow down, it's no fun. On a real road already ten times not!


Even after three years with my car it was clear that I hardly know it. How fast you can drive where and in what situation, how to get to the stand quickly, that should be practised in a safe environment. How to behave really properly also. You may have heard a lot of things, but you just have to have experienced it yourself.

Just sit, always look where you want to go (just when the car breaks out), you really have to practice! The more often the better. Because it sounds a lot easier than it really is.

I can really only recommend to anyone to make a safety training, whether at the ADAC or elsewhere. It really helped me a lot. And fun we also had a whole lot! And my appeal to all parents, let your children go with your cars first when they have made a driving safety training. Especially young people are even more appreciative!

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