Review: Stranger Things 2

After long last  Stranger Things 2 is out! One year ago I already reviewed season 1: KLICK (so far German only). But if you haven’t watched season 1 yet, please stop reading as the review contains some spoilers from season 1!

Story of Stranger Things 2

Almost one year has passed since the incident in Hawkins. Will and his friends have been back to school, but Will is seeing things more and more often. So his mother takes him to the doctors in the Lab. But they say, it is nothing to worry about. These “episode” would go away eventually. But he is wrong. The monster from season 1 has not been killed and not really been contained and after a while it succeeds in gaining more and more control over Will. Also, there are strange things happening in Hawkins. Hop concludes that it must be connected to the monster. After a while his mother lets her boyfriend Bob into Wills secret and asks him to help. With unwanted results…

Eleven, the telekinetic girl from season 1 was stuck in the “Upside Down” but eventually able to flee. At first she tried to survive on her own in the woods until she was found by Hopper. Hop takes her to a cabin but hides her from everybody else to keep her safe as he still needs to cooperate with the lab and is worried about Eleven’s safety and that of her friends should anybody know about her whereabouts. She stays put for almost one year, but grows impatient and wants to finally see her friends. After a big fight with Hopper she decides to run away and looks for people she thought were lost a long time ago…


In the meanwhile Nancy and Jonatahn want to shut down the laboratory with the help of a reporter to avenge Barbaras death. To do so they have to take huge risks but their success is not guaranteed. And then there is also Max, the new girl, best arcade player in town and really cool. No wonder she turns the boy’s heads. But will that make her a member of the party?


This year the new season arrived on a Friday. Until Sunday we had watched all 9 episodes of Stranger Things 2. At first I was a bit sceptical how they would go on with the story and if they really would be able to create a story as fascinating as season one. Of course there were some cliffhangers in season 1 but still, I was not sure about it. It is like the sequel of a film, mostly the first one is the best. But after the first episode I was convinced that this season will be definitely good! After all, it was at least the same level, probably even better that season 1!

Like in season 1 the atmosphere is a bit dark. The characters seem very real to me. Nancy cannot forget about her best friend Barb, Jonatahan is taking care of his brother and the four friends try to go on with their lifes. But of course nothing is like it used to be.
In my opinion the story continues the events from season 1 perfectly even if almost one year has passed. OK, the end might be a bit too obvious, but in general I never had the feeling to always know what is coming next or even to be bored.

Stranger Things 2 is an absolute must see and I highly recommend to watch it in the dark. So the upcoming autumn and winter nights are the perfect time. Like season 1, season 2 can be watched on Netflix.

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