Welcome to the third part of my series "Realize Your Dreams". If you are new to my blog, here you will find Part 1 and Part 2.

Dreams often cost money, a new car for example, a reorientation in professional life can mean a financial loss, the world trip is not necessarily financed by the readers of your blogs and also the outbreak from the unfortunate relationship can lead to financial Bottlenecks. Money is a very determining factor in our everyday life, because rent and food have to be paid somehow. And even if the home is already paid off, you certainly don't want to live by candlelight and steal the water from the cemetery fountain or from the nearest brook. So, with what you have at your disposal, you have to be at least at home so that you can make good use of the rounds, better still that at the end of the money there is not a month left, but vice versa.

Geld2If you pay attention to a few things during your daily shopping, you can save a few euros every week. However, some tips include the use of customer cards or require a registration on certain pages. Personal information is collected and used to create personalized advertising. You have to be aware of this. But anyone who uses Facebook, or even on the internet, will have noticed that you often get advertisements of things that you have recently viewed on Amazon or elsewhere. So my personal opinion is that I feel it is not threatening when my purchasing behaviour is evaluated. So far I have not had any negative experiences, no unwanted advertising or similar.

Customer cards

I use the payback card and the German card. Each purchase will be credited with a certain number of points on the customer account. Quite often there are also (online) coupons, which increases the amount of credited points. Be it that you get a total of more points or you get bonus points when you buy certain products/product types.

The collected points can be converted into premiums or vouchers to be printed at terminals in the shops participating in payback. Meanwhile, you can also use the German card or Pay with the points collected there. For both cards, one point is equivalent to a penny. Of course, this is not a lot if you consider that you get a point for 1-2, 00 € Purchase value (depending on the participating business). On the other hand, you go shopping eh, so it doesn't hurt.
Every now and then you get mail home. As a rule, they are vouchers which can be activated online (do not forget to check regularly!). But I get so seldom to post that it doesn't bother me. In addition, many shops are now connected to payback or Germany card, you can earn points and thus build up credit for shopping vouchers or other premiums.

In the meantime, mail order companies often offer customer cards. For example, I saved at Otto once €16 (free shipping and €10 credits on the Otto customer cards). For the money so saved we can almost go to the cinema! For us, however, due to the higher advertising volume such a customer card is only worthwhile if we, as with Otto, are also very satisfied with the service and the delivered goods and consider to buy more often at the appropriate mail order vendor.

Many other shops also offer customer cards. But you should consider whether it is worthwhile to apply for a customer card. Anyone who buys only once a year at Obi will certainly not need anyone who leaves his half-month reward with Esprit should definitely think about it. Of course, it is often worthwhile to save 3% at the first purchase, but to give your data to the respective company and possibly also to get advertising even though you hardly buy in the respective shop and then another plastic card at home May not be everyone's business and should be considered well.


My conclusion about customer cards

In my opinion, customer cards are only worthwhile if you are a regular customer or if you are planning a really expensive purchase and the discount/expected coupon is high enough (high enough is a personal definition, 1-2 € is personally usually Little). In addition, I personally find payback and Germany card not bad, because I have to buy and preferably at Rewe, real and Edeka. Only because of the customer cards one should not change its purchasing behaviour in principle, for this the saving is too low.

Discount Coupons

The Edeka with us around the corner brings out new coupons every three months, with which there are discounts on certain products. So far we have been able to save 40-50 cents per bottle (NE after coupon) at "The Limo", which we really like to drink. On a six-pack it is already €2.40-€3 per purchase. too
Other products are significantly reduced. Very often you can also find, for example, Rossmann coupons directly under the goods at the rule. So it does not hurt to take a look around, whether there are discount coupons and to use them in larger quantities when purchasing large amounts. The supermarket is not your friend, so you have no bad conscience to use as many coupons as possible! ;)

Also on certain sites like www.for-me-online.de or www.henkel-lifetimes.de there are regular discount coupons which you can easily print out and
Participating businesses. For-me also sends a magazine with coupons home every few months. At Rossmann you can also print out coupons. Another good way is to search the internet for discount codes and/or sign up for newsletters.

I use an email address exclusively for such purposes. Some people have reservations about their email address. Spam I get (albeit less) even to a mail address, which I used exclusively for applications, a connection of spam with Newsletteranmeldungen or registrations on certain pages I have not noticed so far. Some discount promotions only apply to new customers, others are only possible if you finance an item. The search for "discount coupons" or "coupon" on Google shows a variety of pages where almost everyone can find a suitable coupon, be it for "offline" shopping in the supermarket or the "online" shopping at Zalando and Co. If you have some time, be sure to look a little bit before shopping.

My Conclusion on coupons

Discount coupons are still underestimated and used far too little, although in some cases there are very high savings possibilities. We look before every online purchase, whether we find discount codes and buy wherever possible with discount coupons. This means that a whole lot of euros can be saved over the year. Most of the codes can be found without any major effort on the Internet, a subscription to the newsletter of favourite shops is often also a good way to get discount codes.


If you search for "cashback" on Google, you will find it very quickly too. The whole thing works quite simply: buy a product, receipt and send it by mail or Send the original by mail to the provider, get money back. Very often it is offered for food and hair care products, but also for technology such as cameras or PC accessories. I have to admit that I have not used this variant myself yet. But I will multiply it in the future, for one thing, because I would never buy some things otherwise, on the other, because I also never have too much money and some things just need. Softener, for example. And since I'm not fixated on a brand, I should look for more money-back actions myself.

And now?

If you do it right, you can save a lot of money a year. But the best way to save money is to spend less than you earn. Means no more every week at DM, Douglas etc. But rather two or three times think about whether the fifteenth pair of shoes has to be real now. You should put aside the money you have now on a monthly basis and save yourself from fulfilling your great dream. Unfortunately, there is just very little interest. How you best spend your money, a financial or banking consultant can certainly say better than me, I have only tips on how you spend less. But this is another step, and your dreams may soon become reality.

How did you manage to make your dreams come true? Did you really need any money? How did you manage to save it? What did you have to do without? Let me have a comment there, liked and/or share this post if you liked it!

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