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Reasons to realize your dreams

My friend and I also live our lives against the resistance of friends and family. Not everyone understands that if we once again afford something totally unreasonable or something sensible, for which, however, we usually spend a little more money, for example, for the beautiful wardrobe, which we will shortly after the Have bought together. But this is also one that we will certainly not exchange in the next 10-15 years, but rather to buy the right furniture for it. The reason why we do not let ourselves be swayed and realize our dreams and desires, even if not everyone can understand, is quite simple:

  • You don't know what tomorrow is

Today we are young and healthy, we have the financial resources, it is the political, economic and personal environment. Tomorrow it can look very different.
In June, a friend of my friends died unexpectedly, with 54 years. In fact, it's not an age. He will never retire and then do what he has always postponed to do when he has time. The man of a friend died last week with mid 40 of cancer. I could now list many more that have died far too soon and suddenly.

I also have people in the nearer and wider environment who are suddenly more or less seriously ill and have to accept physical limitations. You will never be able to do many things that you moved to later.
I know people whose financial situation has worsened due to sickness or insolvency of the employer. You too can no longer realize many dreams. That's why we live in today. Of course, we also think of a possible future and also save a part of our money, but not as much as we would theoretically be able to do. If we were to buy the bare necessities and do the rest of the money for later, we would probably be much more unfortunate. After all, we also want to experience something today and not sometime. If not now, when?

What do you need to realize your dreams?

There are a few things you need to make your dreams come true. The one is easy to apply, the other (which is often not so urgently needed) unfortunately too often slightly less easy:

  • Courage
  • A plan or alternatively even much more courage and spontaneity

The most important thing is courage. Clearly, you need money for your dream home or your vision, but the courage is really important. You're dissatisfied with your job and you've been wanting something new for a long time? Then no longer hesitates and immediately begins to update your application documents and to write applications! You have raised children, but you have not finished your studies and have been thinking for a long time to try again? Collect your documents and write to a uni or a Fernuni! You have been saving for years and the money moldy on the savings account, although you always wanted to open a beach bar in Thailand? Then just do it! Honestly, what can happen? Yes, the savings could be lost if you quit without a new job or the beach bar is not running or the house suddenly burns out or the car has a total damage. But what are you doing with all your money? Nothing? And what would be different if it were gone? Right, nothing!

"Who fights can lose. Those who do not fight have already lost. "  (Bertolt Brecht)

Dream or nightmare? It depends on the individual perspective.

Don't let fear win, but courage. But don't get overconfident. You will not be happy if you buy a great villa with huge pool for €800,000 if you could only press a house for €400,000. Stay realistic and don't take over. Don't conmistaken arrogance with courage. Listen to the arguments of your friends and family and then ponder. How rational are your arguments, what is your motivation? Listen, discuss, think about it, and don't rush. I've always planned everything for a long time. Years before the foreign year started to save, after the car i have also searched well over a year.

Or don't plan anything and just do it. Simply emigrate and look at the spot how it works. You can always fail if you have previously considered the perfect plan or if you are doing something spontaneous. A plan certainly gives you some certainty, but as Murphy said:

"Anything that can go wrong will also go wrong"

So do not rely completely on your supposedly perfect plan, because it will not work anyway. But if you still do one, you'll be prepared for a lot of different things, because you might have a plan B. The most important thing is anyway, that what you do makes you happy and not the parents, friends, work colleagues or whoever.

What keeps people from realizing their dreams?

First and foremost, there is one thing that keeps many from making their dreams a reality. And that's fear. Fear of failure, before the critique of friends and family, before the future. "Child, how can you just", "Have you gone mad?", "This is just a figment of the brain and will never work out" are probably the most common comments you will hear. In this context, I always have to think of the following saying:

"All said: it is not. There came one who did not know and did it simply "(Goran Kicik)

Do not let the fear and insecurity of others become your fear and insecurity if you are convinced that it can work! Well, if your plan is to open a curry sausage counter in a vegan commune, then maybe you'd better listen to your parents who want to stop you. But if you have thought about it for a long time, have your dream carry with you for so long without realizing it, then don't let the fear of others stop you! It is your life, you alone must be able to live with success or failure.

Three basic steps on the way to realizing your dreams

  1. Become clear about what is important to you and what you really dream about.
  2. Creates a base or Make a plan to make your dreams come true.
  3. begins with the implementation.

What do you want, anyway?

Before you can change or achieve anything, you need to know what you want.
Sometimes it's not that easy to understand what's bothering you in the job. Meanwhile, there are coaches who specialize in showing new job. How good or bad they are, I can't say since I'm basically satisfied with my job. However, a break from the current job can also help to get an idea of what you really want to do. An interesting way to find a new job abroad is the page http://www.escapethecity.org/. There, regular job offers are also published in exotic countries.
And if they are more material things that you want, it means saving or finding a good credit. And above all, plan long enough to not take over at the end.

The base must be correct

It would be naïve to believe that you can simply move on and fulfill your dream as soon as you are aware of what you really want. Of course, you also need a certain financial basis. The rent does not pay off by itself and simply cancel the job because one is dissatisfied, usually leads to a three-month lock at the employment office. This time you have to be able to bridge financially or, what would be better, you do not announce until you have a new job. At least I think so. Although the leap into the cold water can be successful and you may have a lot more incentives to succeed.

One has to be clear about what is important and how to set its priorities. Anyone who wants to eat three times a week and wants to buy five pairs of new shoes and three new handbags every month, should check if all this after a job will continue to be possible and think about what is more important, go to food, shoes and handbags Buy or a career realignment, the new car, emigrating or studying? In order to achieve one, unfortunately, you often have to do without something else. Focus on your dreams and live that too.

Dream Villa
Big Dream House
Small Dream House

Often, the expenditure can be reduced with very little effort. Besides, almost everyone has small and big treasures in his house, which are not necessarily too gold, but at least make money. A few tips on how you can reduce your regular costs and create a small or larger financial cushion to make your dreams come true, I will explain to you in the next part of my series "Realizing your Dreams". Unfortunately, it is the case that hardly a dream can be realized without a financial basis.

In addition to the financial aspect, you may also need to pay attention to other things. If you want to emigrate, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the language and the laws beforehand. If you want to do it yourself, legal matters must also be clarified. If you just want a time out, the employer needs to be informed early enough.

The family should also be involved in the planning. Friends come and go too often in the course of life, but the family is our root, without it it can become very difficult if one feels lonely or needs help or even wants to share personal success. My family supported me very much when I went to Japan, as far as the cars were concerned, they were more sceptical at first. So I know how important it is that they are at least not totally against what you have done. This can be very stressful in the long run and tarnish the joy of your dream.

Begin to live your dream

So as soon as you know what you want, you go straight to the making. If you are still hesitating because you think it might be too early or the wrong moment, you may never be able to implement what you have done. Write applications, fly into the land of your dreams, establish your own company, write the novel, sign the contract of sale, no matter, but don't hesitate to leave it out any longer.

I know it's easier said than done. I was so afraid of signing on my car's purchase contract and what my family would say I couldn't sleep at night. And it came as expected, they beat their hands together over their heads. But I don't think I'm ripped off. And in retrospect I'm really glad I did it, otherwise I wouldn't have so much fun today. Of course, you shouldn't rush anything, but if you wait for a better moment, it may pass without you noticing and suddenly you are old or sick or both without ever really having lived. Therefore, do not hesitate and use the first opportunity that offers you, a better you may never get again!

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