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Since I have worked a lot this month (somehow it will be more every month instead of less or at least once constant much), and the New World of Warcraft add on has appeared (yes, I admit, I have been a small addiction the last five weeks), there is this month n ur a compilation of blogs that I'd like to read or re-discovered. I've probably already introduced one or the other, but maybe you missed it?


You will find great recipes, fitness tips or even more unusual products, as I am very happy to test them (and hopefully at last I will present them again more often) like coconut blossom sugar. Definitely look once!

Herzelieb I have already introduced. Currently probably my favorite Foodblog, the recipes are just great and the pictures make you really hungry!

I discovered the blog everyday Madness just recently, but find it very nice!

Who like me chronically has too little time should look here once: Createurdetemps

A blog with everyday stories, written by a man named Stefan (somehow I find in the category lifestyle as good as no blogs of men): Szwebblog


Did you know the blogs already? Do you have any other recommendations for me?

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