The best blog posts-read in September

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. First I adjusted the colors of my blog, then came the fixed intent to post only on two fixed days. Yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I am the Master paving! However, it will also be time to invest more time in Bloglesen. And because there are always great contributions, I will introduce you monthly my favorite finds, which do not have to be written in the respective month! By the way, I find most facebookgroup hardly any interesting articles for me. Currently I have the most success when I browse Pinterest. I am not just a mama and I find pure product tests even unspectacular, if these are not just exceptional products or very nicely written articles. Maybe you're trying with Pinterest, too? By the way, you can find my Pinterest profile here!

My selection of the best blog posts for September

Anna von Weibswort has written a really amusing article on how to turn bad mood into real good. At the latest after reading your post you have a better mood again. Laughter helps! Turn shit into gold.

I think Christina Key is polarized. At least she did that with her blogpost German blogger colleagues, you me off!. Luckily, not all bloggers are as described by her, but the one or the other blogger that I have met in recent years, unfortunately also falls into this category. Luckily not all, because most are really great people and extremely nice and helpful! Anyway, I think this very controversial post is definitely worth reading!

In the course of redesigning my blog I have found this great post: The 26 most common WordPress errors + How to change them quickly. Silke von Oh spicy life still has a lot of other good tips that you should definitely look at. I have not done all the optimizations yet, but with time it will all come.

Verena reveals some really great lightroom tips on who is mocca. Sure, I already knew most of it, as long as I was working with Photoshop, but for example the idea with the pre-sets really helped me to edit my travel photos! Many have been taken under similar lighting conditions. I really saved hours to create a few templates and then only have to adjust them minimally. Your Lightroom tips for bloggers are definitely worth gold!

Since I also like to photograph in addition to blogging, I found the tips of lights of the world in relation to landscape photos very helpful.

Thank you!

I would also like to say a few words of thanks to some really incredibly nice bloggers who have stood by for me in the last weeks and months, no matter if it was about blogging or something personal:

Tanja by Tanjas Everyday Blog

Tanja von Tanja's colourful world

Marion by Lifestyle Luxury Brigade

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