Another month is over. This month I unfortunately had very little time to read, but still I want to introduce you some great posts:

There are statistics on when to post on Facebook to reach as many people as possible. If you want to optimize your range, you should definitely look into this: social media zone

A great DIY idea for all Catanspieler. I only play the card game, but found the idea so great that I have to introduce it to you absolutely: Catan

Some bloggers just seem to be on the set. 5 things that make a blogger not seem authentic are presented here: Zukkermädchen

You can find 24 tips for blogging here: Blogger Tips

For all those who are applying to their blogs at companies for cooperation or for blogger actions, there are a few tips on how it can (still) work better in the future: Tips for Blogger applications

Collaborations for fashion bloggers, only when you are young and super slim? A few thoughts on this can be found on Stylepeakock: fashion blogger

Even if it is only a short list, I hope that you could again discover the one or another new blog for you. Do you have another tip, what I missed in July? Then just post it in the comments!


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