Best Blogposts of the Month: January 2018

What, is a month gone by again? Also this month I have found some great blog posts, some of which were really emotional and upsetting. So here we go with the best blog posts I found in January.

Blog Posts: Emotional

At the top of the list is Nicole’s post about her dead baby Hannah. We call them star chilren in Germany. I knew the story though, but to read it again, with the photos at that, that was really hard.

Sometimes we lose ourselves in negative thoughts and do not see that it is often not half as bad as it seems, even if the circumstances or a disease let us believe it. For Anja of Love Anja Love, the death of another blogger has brought to the realization that she wants to live on and will finally fight her illness.

Janine has also been struggling with depression and has written a very touching post about her suicidal thoughts, which you can read on Calista’s Dream.

Sometimes we make expectations of our partners who cannot meet them. We then believe that they do not love us the way we love them. But how often do they show us their love in their own way, just not in our language? A really wonderful contribution to this can be found on Thrive Thirty One.

Blog Beads: Photography

I decided for 2018 to devote myself even more to photography. I am mostly interested in landscape and nature photography. For great landscapes photos It is often also essential to catch the right weather. Bastian reveals on his blog what you have to look out for, for example, to be able to predict fog.

A very nice blog with lots of great tips is Flocutus. Be sure to check out Florian’s 20 tips and tricks for better photos!

Blog Beads: Travel

Andrea von Lifestyle Potpourri takes us to the ice figure exhibition near Berlin.

Blog Beads: Finance

Be a millionaire, who doesn’t want that? And it’s quite simple, isn’t it? I’m a Millionaire! Hell Yeah, baby! is an absolutely must read. But beware, who hopes to find tips here on how to become a millionaire in no time without effort or investment will probably be disappointed.

Blog Parade

I took part in a Blogbarade this month with the topic “My first own car”. Why don’t you participate, too?

As you may have noticed, I read some very depressing posts in January. I admire all the bloggers who write so openly and honestly about their problems, fears and worries. Do not worry, I do not carry myself with negative thoughts, but somehow sometimes one reads something on a topic and suddenly finds quite a lot of similar blog posts, which were mostly written independently of each other.

Other posts are older, for example, I found them by the blogs of the commentators. There are often great blogs too! Do you have more recommendations for me? Or your January favourites presented? Then let me know, post your links in the comments.

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