Blog Pearls of the Month: December 2017

Happy new year!

In December, many blogs have posted mainly christmas themes. Even more seemed to have just posted Advent calendar sweepstakes. It was not so easy to find exciting topics. For the best Christmas roast I didn’t want to serve you after Sylvester now, I think we all have enough feasting. Pinterest is thanks, I have also found in the last month some blog beads that I want to introduce to you today. Interestingly, this month’s selection is especially difficult for me, since I stumbled across many great blog despite Advent calendars, gift tips or recipes that only make you look fat.

Blog recommendation

Blog Pearls Trip

Next year you have the chance to marvel at a very rare event: The Neelakurinji shrubs will blossom again!

Explore Neelakurinji Flowers Which Blossoms Once in 12 Years at Kurinjimala Sanctuary in 2018

Blog Beads Lifestyle

Is Etiquette dead? Or do we expect too much? This is discussed on a bowl full of Cherries. How do you think about it?

Is etiquette dead? Or are we expecting too much? 

Why are LIfestyleblogger really important? Where does your raison d’être come from, if it always means to seek a niche? Chelsie has written down some very nice thoughts in your blog post.

Why Lifestyle Blogs Matter

As an old musical fan I must also point you to this interview!

Interview Teil 1 von 2 mit Sian Velazquez – Musicaldarstellerin und aktuelle Erstbesetzung Ashley in Starlight Express

A little history excursion about tinsel and whether before really everything was better offer and Volker and Katja on their blog Kurvigeliebe:

Wieso war früher mehr Lametta?

Blog Beads: Blog Recommendations

I have found a very inspiring blog that I want to put to your heart today. Whether in sports, job or blogging, some have more talent than others.  Silviu Reghin has written a very good blog post on this. Please do not ask me why it does not work here with the thumbnail, please still look at his blog!

“We are always the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with on a regular basis.” – Jim Rohn. This quote basically says it all. Do you surround yourself with the right people? On Tellyventure There is a very important contribution to be read. Besides, I can only recommend you to browse the blog longer!


What were your favorite contributions in December? about what blog beads have you stumbled, which I have not listed here? Also, please don’t forget to share this post and pin on Pinterest! Are you actually following me by mail? No? Then get this fast, so that you will receive the blog recommendations every month!

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