Power station FINNLO self-sufficient 1500

After a long and much discussion, I agreed at the beginning of the year that my friend can finally buy a power station for the living room. After all, he has been dealing with the subject for about half a year, so I have the hope that he is really serious and we do not have a huge dust catcher in the living room in four weeks. ;) But since I also have to do something for myself again, I have the good intention to train at least one hour at the weekend. Let's see how long I'm going to hold this.

But now to the power station FINNLO self-sufficient 1500:

Originally we had set ourselves a limit of CA €800. The Hammer power station Ferri TX3 or FINNLO power Station self-sufficient 600 should be there. As luck would have it now, we have found that the shop is exactly opposite the car park that we use when we go to Cinemaxx in Stuttgart. So we have shortened our Christmas holiday in the homeland a bit to take advantage of the time and to look at the two devices on the spot and to try out. Since my friend is almost 2 feet tall and I am about 30cm smaller than him, we both have quite different demands on the size of the power station.

During the very good consultation at the hammer store in Stuttgart we had to find out that the ferric TX3 does not fit at all and that the self-sufficient 600 has only limited setting possibilities. So it would probably have been too annoying for me to loosen the screws at the seat each time and adjust it for me and then put it back on the starting position. So we decided spontaneously to spend €400 more than we actually planned and bought the self-sufficient 1500.
For this we still got puzzle-mats, since the power station alone already weighs 205kg and the laminate floor would not survive without traces. Technical and further details can be found here: FINNLO self-sufficient 1500

Already the following Friday we had the device in the house. However, some weights were defective (cut in plastic, closures broken up. But since I had to go back to the store to pick up something, it was all half as wild. My friend sent pictures and I immediately got replacement weights. Now we just had to build it. Better my friend had to build it up, I only occasionally kept something.

Chaos when unpacking and set up


Work in progress

The assembly instructions were very well explained, except for one or two little things that were somewhat misleading. In addition, all parts were packed and numbered according to the construction steps, so you never had to think about which screws belong to where, as you know it from most furniture. Nevertheless, the construction took about 6 hours. Alternatively, Hammer also offers a construction service, which would have lain for this power station at €350, however, which was then too expensive for us. Finally, everything worked out really well and we were able to try the device on Saturday. Now there was a very small deficiency: the rudder bar squeaked. But that was not really a big thing, because when we handed over the broken weights in the shop, we could take a pole that doesn't squeak. The training with this device is really fun, even if I have to find a little bit more in the functions and settings at the beginning.

The assembly instructions also contain very good instructions for the various training possibilities. I've got the first muscle hangover, too. What disturbs me in comparison to my last gym in Karlsruhe is that you can only adjust the weights in 5kg and not in 2, 5kg steps, that would be a bit better for me at 2-3 exercises, but overall it is already very good.

Finally finished!

My opinion on the power station FINNLO self-sufficient 1500

In my opinion, the purchase is worthwhile (if you can also train at home). You already need a larger room (ca 2x2m should be planned as a base area, especially if you want to row while sitting), but overall I find personal the power plant kept very compact. It squeaks nothing and since the weights are not made of metal but from zementbefüllten plastic blocks, the training is also very quiet, so that you could also train on weekends or even at night without waking the neighbors.
My opinion on the Hammer store Stuttgart:
Very good, highly competent, but not intrusive advice. In addition, the deficiencies were immediately removed. It doesn't get any better! Thank you for this to the team of the Hammer store!

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