My new wallet from Desigual

A few years ago, it was Christmas and my sweetheart and I decided not to give us anything, he surprised me with a wallet (yes, the Duden says, you write it so funny!). Unfortunately, it has been quite broken with the years and only shadows of itself. That's why it was time for me to do something new. It should be great, so that even my felt hundred thousand cards fit in. Space for bills and coins should have it. And, that was the most important thing to me, a compartment for a photo should have it too! And look beautiful, not zuuuu funky, but also not boring-monochromatic. So we opened our last city stroll and searched for a new purse.

Finding the right Wallet

But as it is, one is too small, the next has no photo, the next not enough space for my cards, it can only be folded but not with a button or similar lock, it is too glaring or too boring. None of them really convinced me. So again the man was set on to seek an adequate substitute for his gift. He's got a better hand anyway. I would end up out of sheer frustration with nem €2.5 cheap thing from then and would have annoyed me all the time that it is so stupid.

After a few searches on the internet, my loved one was also found and found me three great wallets. Because I like to Desigual in bags and purses, it was also this time again one. The model Maria Tropicalicious has won, which I have either totally overlooked in the shop, or they did not have it there. The other two models were somehow too boring for me. The motif just convinced me, hummingbirds, plants and pineapples, somehow I had to think about the Caribbean immediately. Unfortunately I have never been to the Caribbean, but would like to go there one day. Every time I am at the supermarket cashier, I can dream for a little moment in the Caribbean before the Nice cashier again does not make all the dreams and my hard earned money, so that I can cultivate my Wohlstandswampe further .

After all, there is plenty of room to carry a lot of money to the supermarket or to the tank. My car is extremely thirsty! And totally pampered, it just wants the best of the best. But does it bring me to the Caribbean, too? No! Of course not… I need to save even more. This is also reasonably possible if you sell your data and always use the payback card or Germany card, which I usually do. Theoretically, I could now place 13 collecting cards (OK, 9, if I pull EC card, driver's license, Perso and insurance card) into my new purse. 3 photos of my sweetheart and my family.

And the wallet also has another advantage: it is so big (dimensions 20, 2x3x9, 5cm), as soon as I have packed all the cards and some change, it will be so hard that it is also suitable as a weapon for self-defense! Nevertheless, I keep it, I find it nice and practical and on the few grams more or less in my now already much too heavy bag, it does not happen anymore! By the way, the outside material consists of 100% polyvinyl chlorides and the lining of 100% polyester.

What do you say, do you like the design as well as I do? Do you prefer large purses with many subjects or do you prefer small? Or maybe none at all?

This post is not marked as advertising. I bought the wallet from my own money!

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