Perfume test with fragrance twins by L ' arisé

On Facebook I became aware that Larisé is looking for bloggers who envision the concept and products of Larisé. So I applied and got a great package with a 50ml eau de parfum and five samples á 2ml. But later on.

The concept of Larisé is very simple. The focus is on the fragrance and not on elaborate bottles. Therefore all bottles are kept very simple and differ only in size. The fragrances are similar to those of known brands and should last for at least as long or longer, but significantly less than the known brand costs. But can this promise really be respected?

Order at L ' arisé

The order of the fragrances is as follows: You write the employees in the chat and call them his favourite fragrance. Then you get a fragrance recommended. The only assignment of the different fragrances runs over numbers, the Larisé perfumes do not have their own names and you can also be a layman on the details of note etc. Didn't really know anything about the perfume.

I have chosen three fragrances that I have at home myself and three (including the 50ml fragrance), which I know only from the parfumes. All samples have passed the odor test, they are very similar to the original fragrances, there are only minimal differences to "sniff". I really liked this, because I decided mainly for fragrances, which are relatively expensive.
My favorite perfume (alien from Thierry Mugler) and the Duftcreation of Larisé are really very similar. The alien is a very strong fragrance that really lasts extremely long. Once spraying is enough for a full day. So I tried the fragrance of Larisé and was positively surprised that he can not only keep up with the smell, but also with the durability. My friend (he only got a sample from me), even the next morning smelled just as good as the day before when he applied his perfume (also in the morning!).


My conclusion after this test

-The fragrances are very similar to the originals and are not or hardly distinguishable from the originals
-The durability is excellent, unlike I know of many cheap fragrances, you do not have to spray during the day
-Price-performance are very good

-The ordering process is a bit complicated, I have not tested what the support looks like after 10pm or on Sundays and holidays.

Whether you choose the original or the copy, everyone has to decide for yourself. In any case, I am positively surprised by the concept, the prices and the quality and will in the near future definitely order even more fragrances at Larisé! You can also buy them here *.

My favorites are by the way the numbers 119 for women (similar to alien) and 446 (similar to the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male).

A list created by a customer (unofficially) can be found here. (I am not responsible for the accuracy and content of this site!)

Update June 2016: Meanwhile I have bought even more fragrances at Larisé (already last August) and still use them and am still very happy with the fragrance twins. I was very happy that they also have my favorite fragrance, which unfortunately in the Oriiginal has not been in the trade for years.

* Affiliate Link: You don't incur any extra costs, but I get a small commission when you buy.

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