10 tips to save money that definitely work

Christmas has been over for a few weeks now and the new year is slowly taking off. Nobody thinks of Christmas anymore. But you should, as you will again have to buy maaaaaany presents for kids and family! And then there is your next vacation. Whether it’s a short trip or a  along distance flight, you will need some money in any case. But with a few tricks and some discipline, everyone can manage to save a few bucks by the target date.

I have already told you in detail how you burn your money at the supermarket and at home.

First steps

I recommend to write a wish list. Put everythin on it you would like to buy, but for which you did not have any money or just did not want to spend any yet. It does not matter if you put designer shoes, a luxury holiday or just new furniture for the living room on your list. But your goal should be a realistic one. As a motivation you could write down every month how much money you have already saved up to fulfill your wish(es).
Set a realistic time goal of 3, 6, 12 or even more months. Pobably you will  not get the brand new car paid off in just a year. But it is not impossible either.

Saving money always means letting go of something or giving up something (like the morning latte at Starbucks). But once you have started and achieved the first successes, the urge to feed the piggy bank is getting bigger.

Clean up your closet

Selling is a good way to make some money.  Solet’s start with what you already have at home, but don’t need. It’s time you clear out your wardrobe. Everything you didn’t wear last year should be gone by the end of the day. You can sell good pieces on ebay or or other online shops. Clothing that is still good but not worth a lopt of money (e.g. because it is from a cheap brand), you can give it to charity.

Cleaning up the wardrobe has two advantages:
First, the money you receive for your unworn pieces will feed your piggy bank.  Just a tip: The clothing always sells according to the season. A wool coat will not be sold in summer but can bring some money in autumn/winter. The second advantage is, you fill find some forgotten masterpieces in your wardrobe. So you don’t need to buy new clothes all the time.

Basement, garage and attic clean up

Just like in your wardrobe, treasures which you could sell online or on flea markets can be found in almost all places in the house, . The old drawer from Grandma’s apartment, the art print by Aunt Hilde, the third mixer or even just the candlesticks. AThere are things that are too goodto throw away but actually only take away space everywhere. Maybe you can join two or three people and join the flea market. Then you can share the stand rent and it’s more fun too. By the way, you can also find buyers for your sorted clothes on flea markets.

Alternatively, you can also offer your household items on ebay, ebay classifieds or in various junk Mark Tapps. The money you took here, you’re also going to be in your piggy-pig. Because there is a lot more to come with this time.

Collect coins or notes

Another great trick is collecting certain coins or seem. Here it is natural to collect €1 or €2 coins or €5 bills. They usually don’t hurt so much. Every evening you check your wallet to see if the corresponding coins or notes are in it and feed your piggy-pig as well. You will be surprised how much this can save by the end of the year!

Check Contracts

No matter if mobile, internet, electricity, gas, insurance, you should regularly check your contracts. We are convinced of Check24 and regularly change our electricity supplier. We have also completed the internet via Check24. Since everything has always worked smoothly and we can save quite a bit of money so far. The money you save in comparison to your envisaged now also puts you in the money. For example, the mobile phone can already be 2-5 € or more per month.

Check Insurance

Also consider which insurances you really need and announces the rest. Everyone should have liability, household and disability insurance. But do you really need a cell phone, glasses or dog health insurance? This has to be weighed up in individual cases. A first enquiry, for example, results in Check24 that a dog health insurance including OP for a 7 year old big mongrel from €40 a month costs. That’s almost €500 a year. You may be better off if you set aside the money yourself. Because if your dog doesn’t get sick, all the money is gone. Depending on the insurance, this time the saved money will be in your piggy In an extra piggy to pay the vet.

Especially at the end of the year from October the price comparison with the car insurers is worthwhile. Even though I am convinced by Check24, I have to point out that especially in the case of car insurance some major insurers do not cooperate with CHECK24. It is definitely worthwhile to ask them again.

Income-expense list lead

It is a lot of work, but in order to keep track of its revenue and expenditure, it is essential to track expenditure. I have created an Excel list in which I assign all the expenses and revenue entries and they are assigned to certain categories. In addition, the list should include all your expenses that occur only at intervals, such as insurance. So you know what you have to do every month to pay insurance at the beginning of the year.

I have created an income and expense calculator for you as an Excel file: Income expense Calculator

The calculator already contains fictitious values in which you can orient yourself. In the first sheet you will find your monthly expenses and in the second you can convert how much you have to put aside each month for your quarterly or (half) annual expenses. You can graph your monthly expenses and see which expenses make up the largest share and where potential savings are possible.

Create a meal plan and write a shopping list

The trick is old and yet we almost never stick to it. With a shopping list we buy more targeted and less unneeded stuff. To sit down at home and write down what you want to buy is forcing you to really think about what we need to purchase. The whole thing becomes easier if we think ahead about what we want to cook in the next few days.


By the way, I can recommend two great apps that you can use to easily write and manage your shopping lists: OneNote and Evernote. We even use OneNote at work. The possibilities you have with notebooks are madness. Unfortunately, the use on my Windowsphone is only possible limited. But you could, for example, create recipe books and then simply copy the missing ingredients to a list. Since you can use OneNote on your PC as well as on your phone and sync all your devices, this is really a fine thing. I haven’t been busy with Evernote yet, but the principle is the same. However, Evernote costs money every month. I have OneNote right there with my office.

Equipped with your analogue or digital shopping list you will buy much less in the future and throw away even less. This also saves a lot of money.

Regular cleaning of storage cupboard and refrigerator

Do you know that too? You buy something, place it in the closet, then you place something in front of it and no 5 minutes later have you forgotten that you have ever bought the product? And then comes the day you might need it and think you don’t have it and buy it again? Unfortunately, it happened to me far too often. Until I started to completely clean up my storage cupboard and sort everything. The next few weeks I have to buy except fresh really nothing. A trick to keep track of IS, for example, to create a list and always check it out when you take something out of the closet. Then you always know if there are enough noodles or if you may have the yeast out. So you avoid that you have to buy too much and at the end you have to throw something away.

The same goes for the fridge. Properly acknowledged and correctly sorted you don’t see so much and you have to throw away less.

Used instead of new

Clothing, furniture, camera accessories, Playstationspiele, so much can be bought super also used and thus save a lot of money. You can also find clothes that are often great used. Above I have given you tips on where you can sell your things. You can also find things that you need and which are not necessarily unused. Often, things are even given away to self-collectors. And then you look more like a little Mack than when you buy it again.

Use free resources or borrow things

There are free trial for magazines, e-books, streaming, creative accessories and much more. Partly there are free accesses with limited services. You have to see if you don’t even get along with it. By the way you get a lot of fonts and pictures for free and legal on the net, for example at Creativemarket:

Powered by Creative Market

The pictures in this ´ post I made from the stock photo packs from the really great page ivory mix. You can use the offered images free of charge for free content and do not even have to call a source!
For reading rats, there are now book exchange corners in many cities and municipalities. Old telephone booths, showcases or the like are refunctioned in such a way that you can put books in and get them out. You bring a read book with you and take another one. And even if libraries die out, they still exist.
For everything else, you can set up Exchange and sub-groups with your neighbors and borrow the neighbor’s monthly ticket to drive to the city on Saturday. Borrow tool instead of buying it from neighbors (by the way also in the supermarket). But be so fair and offer something in return.

There are certainly many more ideas for how you can save money in the future. It is important, however, that you bring some discipline here. Maybe you’ll tell me what you’re doing to save money? Just leave me a comment!

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Circular Path 3 in Nassach – Not so circular?

Germany is the Germa’sn favourite country to travel. Why? Because it’s beautiful! Many beautiful places are just a little bit hidden. If you want to see the “real Germany, you need to see more than the most famous tourist places. That’s why I want to introduce the Nassach Valley to you.

Nassach Valley –  the “Valley of the Happy”

The Nassach valleys is located between the small towns of Uhingen and Ebersbach an der Fils, not too far away from Stuttgart. Why it is called “Valley of the Happy”, I do not know, but if you go there in summer, see the people and the beautiful nature, you might get an idea why it is called that way.It seems as if time has stopped and everything looks so calm and relaxed and not at all hectic!

How to get there:

This place is so hidden if you want to go there, you need a car. No bus or train will stop near the point I started from. But as in most countries, you need a car to get to the most hidden places.

Where to stay

If you want to stay in abig city, I suggest you stay in Stuttgart. Esslingen is much smaller but still also a very nice place to stay. You can also find some small hotels and guest rooms in the area around Nassach.


Where I started from
Overview of hiking trails



Circular Path No. 3

Breakfast, water and my camera in my bag, I started off from my home, which is about 20 minutes away (by car). It was very shortly after sunrise, so I had the opportunity to take really nice photos of the sunset in Manolzweiler on my way to Nassach! But actually, my plan was to go into the forest, so I went on. The very small parking lot from where you can start a circular hike is hidden and not easy to find, if you have not checked google maps thouroghly.

The trail starts directly at the parking lot. After a few minutes there is a crossroads where you can choose whether to take the circular pathNo. 3 or 4. I chose No. 3, as this path should be shorter.

The labeling was quite good at first, the corresponding numbering easy to find. But soon I came to another crossroads. From then on, unfortunately, it was not obvious where I had to go. So I went straight ahead.

Strait circular hiking trail

After about 10 minutes suddenly this: a dead end. So that was the wrong way. I had to go back again. The way back was almost more beautiful because some wafts of mist moved through the forest and bestowed it something mystical. On the one hand the sun shining through the leaves, on the other the mist. So beautiful.

After another 10 minutes, I came back to the crossroads where I went straight. Since I had looked at the map before, I decided that it would be the right way to the left, up the mountain. The slope was initially moderate and pleasant to walk. But that should also change soon. About at the height of the dead end the path suddenly bended to the left. Behind the bend a steep, not really developed path full of stones and mud holes was waiting for me.

Well, I knew that the way would not be flat. But that I almost would have needed a mountaineering equipment was a bit surprinsing to me. But I went on and climbed up the hill. So early in the morning no one else is in the forest, the light falls golden through the leaves and you hear nothing but the birds!

I give up…

At the top, I turned right. Theoretically, this should have been the right way. Unfortunately, I have not seen any signs here either. After about 10 minutes I decided to turn back, because the cell phone reception was not very good and I did not have the faintest gleam, whether I was really on the right way.

On the way back I took one or the other branches leaving the main path and discovered beautiful, almost mystical places in the forest, which one cannot see from the main path. Don’t worry, I stayed on forest trails and didn’t run wildly through the woods. The places invited to linger and have breakfast. And as I had no hurry to come back to the car, I stayd a while and just enjoyed the nature. But eventually I reached the car again.

More impressions from the beautiful forest at Nassach

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I was not really hiking this morning, more wandering around. But I have found beautiful places in the forest. And next spring I will probably find the correct way.

Do you know the Nassach Valley? What are your tips for walking around?

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Christmas Market in Stuttgart

Not the oldest, but with 280 stands and around 4 million visitors (booth 23. December 2011) One of the biggest Christmas markets in Germany is the Christmas market in Stuttgart. So we were in Stuttgart on a Saturday afternoon to look at the Christmas market.

Christmas Market Stuttgart
Christmas Market in Stuttgart

Arrival by car

Especially Stuttgart is known for its outstanding traffic! Outstanding many building sites, a great deal of traffic jams and the parking prices are partly also extreme. When we drive into the city, we always park a little outside, the parking garages Tivoli and at the song Hall are priced quite OK. However, the Tivoli is a bit cramped at the intake and exit, so you have to be very careful with larger vehicles. The evening fare is about €3.5 (Lieder Hall €6). And at €1.50 per hour (Lieder Hall €1.9) quite cheap. Those who are good on foot are also in 10 minutes at the Christmas market.
If you don’t like to walk that far, you can also park in the city centre, but the hour may cost €3 at a maximum rate of €20 (Tivoli €12).

Arrival by Train

The journey by train is certainly the most recommendable in Stuttgart, if you come from outside and drive alone. Unfortunately, the prices in the VVS are so high that for example it is hardly worthwhile to ride by train, if we are two already double not. Stops from which you are quickly at the Christmas market are for example city centre, Castle Square or town Hall Square. From the main station you can also not go so far. It is hardly worthwhile to switch to another train, you should come by the first train or train only to the main station..

On the Castle Square runs a train


On the Christmas market, there is pretty much everything there is on other Christmas markets. Candy, Christmas decorations, covers, candles, stuffed animals, kitchen accessories, cribs with matching figures, jewellery and of course lots of food and drink. At a booth there was tea and spices, I took some things with me. I have also indulged in a delicious white mulled wine. And a Langos, a Hungarian speciality that is widespread here in the south, but which we do not know in the Ruhr area. For that we have Poffertjes at home, and they are not known here.

Christmas Market Stuttgart
Tea light glasses at the Stuttgart Christmas Market
Christmas Market Stuttgart
Even more tea lights
Christmas Market Stuttgart
Christmas decorations
Christmas Market Stuttgart
At noon it was still not so crowded


Since we have already met at 13:30, it was of course still bright. As a result, the crowd was not as big as it probably is on a Saturday night. Overall, the part of the Christmas market that we looked at did not please me so much. After more than 30 years of Christmas market experience, it is often only the same. But we skipped the Finnish Christmas village (Don’t ask me why!), somehow we went so far that we didn’t come by. Maybe I’ll make it to the Christmas market this week, and I’m sure I’ll stick to it.

Spices and Tea

Overall, I think Stuttgart is nothing special. The Christmas market is spread over several squares and alleys, and the whole thing is so slightly distorted. It also has a much more comfortable effect, but the offer has not really blown me away. I don’t know if it’s worth taking 2 hours of track, I think I’d rather be disappointed. But if you do the same as we do and visit Stuttgart at noon or early afternoon and then continue to Esslingen, then you are also worth 3 hours of arrival!

By the way, if you don’t want to miss the Beiträg about the Esslinger Christmas market, then I recommend you to subscribe to the blog!

Have you been to the Stuttgart Christmas market? How did he like you? Or do you have any other recommendations? If you have written about it, then please link your post in the comments!

Roadtrip with Obstacles Day 4: Milan

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Welcome back to my little tour of Europe, which was unfortunately not so well started. If you missed the first parts, look here:

Day 1
Day 2-Part 1
Day 2-Part 2
Day 3

Finally in Milan

In the meantime we have arrived in Milan. In the evening around 19:30 o’clock we drove into the city. We were somewhat irritated by the huge Scientology building that stood right on the main road. Since it was so late, we didn’t have any traffic at all. The Navi has navigated us safely to the hotel, and also the check in and car to the underground garage was not a problem.

Hotel La Gare in Milan

A little hungry we then moved and were in the shortest time at Piazza Gae Aulenti. There are some restaurants nearby. Even after 21:30 it was still extremely crowded. A quick glance at the mobile phone revealed that in Milan the nightlife starts much later than with us. Dinner before 21:00 is rather unusual. And it was still warm! We decided to stop in a cozy looking Burgerrestaurant. When checking the invoice we found the item “Coperto”. This is a kind of fee, which is calculated according to the total price and per capita, similar to tipping. Saturated and tired we are back to the hotel, where we slept extremely well.

Milan-View of Piazza Alva Alto
Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan
Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan
Milan by Night

The night was so relaxing that I absolutely wanted to stay one more night. In addition, we would have had to leave at around 3pm to get to Zurich in a relaxed manner. We have therefore preferred to spend a whole day in Milan in a bright blue sky and over 30 degrees.
We started after a good but not quite as great breakfast as in Lienz again towards Piazza Gae Aulenti. The day in light it looks very different, but it was not less well attended. At first it was still slightly cloudy, but after a short time the clouds disappeared as well.

Milan-Piazza Alva Alto
Milan-Piazza Alva Alto

Walking to the city

On foot we walked towards the city centre. By train we would certainly have been faster, but would have never seen the many small cozy alleys. At the Palazzo di Brera we made our first stop. The entrance is free and you can look at ancient Roman figures. In the interiors It was also nice cool. A cool down did really good, at the heat outside.

Milan Alley to the backyard
Milan-Palazzo di Brera

It went on to the dam of the Leonardo da Vinci. For the first time it was really full. Tourist groups, travel guides, everything has geknubbelt here. Like the other tourists, after another little break we walk through the Galeria Vittorio Emanuele II to the Cathedral Square. There it was less crowded than I actually expected. Only in front of the entrance to the dome was a very long serpent.

Leonardo da Vinci
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan
Magnificent ceiling in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan
Glass dome in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan

That’s why we decided not to go in. 45 minutes to wait in the midday sun we just didn’t want to do it. Instead we enjoyed a cocktail on the Terazza Aperol and a wonderful view over the Cathedral Square. If you need a break near the cathedral, you really should stop there! The prices are more than moderate, we paid €7 per cocktail. And there was a bag of chips. We could have eaten there, but even though it was now 1pm, we weren’t hungry at all.

Cocktail break at the Terazza Aperol in Milan
Cocktail break at the Terazza Aperol in Milan
Gilded olive Tree as ceiling decoration
View of the Duomo of Milan from the Terazza Aperol

On the Cathedral Square

On the Duomo square, some nice young gentlemen push some corn in their hands, so that they can be served by the many pigeons and be photographed. When he wanted some money, of course, I also gave him something, only the demanded €5 were really outrageous. For a few grains of corn I found 50 cents more appropriate, after all he also practically neighboured the corn and did not accept an initial No.

Feeding pigeons in front of the Duomo
Milan Cathedral
Milan Cathedral
Ornate door at the Milan Cathedral

Continue to Castello Sforzesco

The next destination should be the Castello Sforzesco with the connected Simplonpark Parco Sempione. We also walked here and of course not on the most direct route. We also wanted to see a few more lanes. And also we ate an extremely delicious ice cream! Really refreshing lemon and other tasty varieties. The ice was so good that we had a short thought to go back and get another one.

Before the Castello were some African immigrants who have already tried some penetranter to sell self-knotted bracelet. Unfortunately, they were also more intrusive than the people at the Cathedral Square, which has already annoyed. We are not in the Castello directly, it would have cost entry and so exciting we did not find it now. So we went to the park to go for a walk. At 16:30 we are then slowly back to the hotel to take a shower, move and rest.

Castello Sforzesco in Milan
Peace Arch at the Simplonpark Parco Sempione in Milan

The evening of this strenuous but very beautiful day, we then end after another short walk in a Chinese restaurant, before we fell to bed against 22:30 tired.

Samsung building at night in Milan

Have you been to Milan, too? Which places did we miss and should have visited? Could you have a hotel or restaurant tip for me next time? Then write me in the comments! And if you like the post, share it on Facebook or pins him on Pinterest!

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Roadtrip with obstacles – Day 3: from Lienz to Milan

Welcome back to the next report on our Roadtrip. Austria was really nice in the end, but unfortunately our time there was far too short. In short, we considered whether we should stay, but then decided to go further to Milan. Freshly fortified from the very best breakfast I have ever had, we are started around 11 am. Today we would be sitting in the car almost all day, that was clear. So we refueled in Austria before the Italian border again. If you are travelling by car, in Austria, refueling is much cheaper than in Italy. The difference per liter of diesel was about €0.4!

On to Italy

The transition from Austria to Italy was flowing, almost everywhere the signs were in German, and the architecture did not reveal any major differences. Not even the number plates helped, there were just as many Italians as Austrians. But we should only be right, so it was easier to understand the signs.

The Navi was set so as to avoid all highways. We still drove a small part of Bolzano on a motorway. When I looked at the shortest way, he passed by the lake Garda according to my phone. That's why I was really nervous for a short time, when the Navi suddenly sent us towards Merano. Quickly checked all the cards again. So we would go through Switzerland! Well, we had planned it anyway, because it was only half as wild, but the route would be longer and the driving time accordingly. or not? In hindsight, it was only about 40km more. And I suspect that due to the traffic situation around Lake Garda, the Navi has led us directly differently.

Our route Part 1
Impressive view on the way to Merano

Beautiful routes in Iatlien

We did not regret it, the track was beautiful and also mostly good to ride. As a co-driver I didn't think I was doing well, because at every speed limit I pointed out to my friend that the penalties abroad are much higher than in Germany. And in curves that my friend took too quickly, I sometimes felt really uncomfortable, because in some cases it goes down quite deeply. And then there's the traffic! The accident has added to me something more than I wanted to have true, I was overanxious, after all it was a car with €1000 excess. Had this not been the day would have been much more relaxed and we could have enjoyed the tour much more. In hindsight it annoys me too, so, dear passenger and passenger inside, relax!

Beautiful Little Avenue in Italy

Even though we were actually only on the main road, we in Italy have now and then driven through small, really cute villages. I would have liked to have always gone out there and gestromert a few hours around. Regrettably, the timetable was so tight that we had no time to do so.

Idyllic village in Italy
Mountains as from the picture book

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Further to Switzerland

At the Swiss border we bought a vignette and exchanged some money. You never know, it could be that we want to get hungry and buy something. From there it went on very curvy but empty streets. Phew, if we have a glitch here, we don't even know where we are.
We made a stopover at the Maloja, from there you also have a really great view. Especially on the roads that would still come. Since I have been driving since Italy, it was now time for a change of driver. Besides, I didn't want to take the opportunity to drive these curves to my friend! Even though it would mean that I would sweat blood and water. Not because he can't drive, but because too many others cannot drive (see our accident on the first day). There is also a video of the descent, but this was done only with my canon and is accordingly shaky. With a Dashcam would have been a really great video.


Break at the Maloja

Street at the Maloja

Back to Italy

From Maloja it was not far to the border. However, we had some traffic jams on the street. A tunnel was locked and the bypass was only lane. This was regulated by a traffic light circuit. What the Swiss have in any case ahead of us are the ads above the traffic light, how long it is still red. From 60 seconds is counted down. Why don't our traffic lights do that? After the tunnel there was a huge debris field on the left of the riverbed. I was wondering what they were doing. It looked as if something had been demolished there. And the bridge to the federal road was also locked, so we had to stay a little further on the bypass.

After the holiday, when another stone slide was reported in Bondo, a name that came to my mind fell so well… And indeed, we really went along there, where just before our holiday and three days after our passing heavy mudslides the village threatened and even cost lives. That I didn't get on it while I was driving… But in the news everything is so far away, now were right next to it…

Promotogno in Switzerland
Murenabgang in Sottoponte at Bondo in Switzerland
Our route 2. Part

Beyond the border, the track has unfortunately become more and more unpleasant. At first it was still passing by the lake and through idyllic villages. But that soon changed. Almost 20 kilometers we were led by tunnels next to the Como before we reached the metropolitan area around Milan and finally also the city border. At the entrance it began to dawn slowly, it was already almost 8pm. But our hotel was booked Yes and the Navi knew it. So after a very long drive we finally found our hotel. After a very late dinner we also fell to bed and slept very well.

Between the mountains it dawns much earlier.

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And what we have done in Milan and have not done, I will tell you soon! And if you missed my previous reports, you can find them here:

Day 1
Day 2 (Part 1)
Day 2 (Part 2)

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Roadtrip with obstacles-day 2 (Part 2)

Nice that you also found my third Roadtrip report back on my blog. And if you missed the first two parts, just look here:

Day 1
Day 2 (Part 1)

So we stood there, in the parking lot in front of the toll station Ferleiten to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Before us great roads, mountains and the hope of a beautiful sunset, behind us a thick, cloud that was slowly no longer gray, but almost black. Turn around, look for a hotel and hope for better weather the next day? Or continue and go to Milan the next day as planned and stay there 1-2 nights? If we stay here, we either barely have time in Milan or we have to drop out of Zurich. If we continue, we can forget to walk.

Since we are probably back on the Grossglockner more quickly than in Milan, we decided that we should dare and redeemed our voucher bought at the ADAC. The driveway was really great. It was still dry, but as the weather promised rain, there were few cars and no motorbike or cyclists on the road. And rain in the mountains also has something. The clouds hanging between the mountain slopes, with luck you can even look down on them.

So we went upstairs and often stopped to enjoy the view and take pictures. Unfortunately, this also meant that the black cloud was getting closer. Meanwhile, it was heard in the distance rumbling and the first flashes brightened the horizon.

Thunderstorm clouds on the Grossglockner high Alpine Road

Even before the Fuscher Törl (2428 m above A.) We have, despite not even weak rain, the turn-off to the approximately 2 km long panoramic road stainless white lace (2571 m. A.). At the top, everything was grey and cloudy and so heavy rain that we didn't get out. Too bad, because on the pictures on the net it seemed as if you would have a grandiose view!

The driveway was already not entirely without, but downhill over the cobblestones in rain, on a road that is not wide enough for two cars and yet surprisingly much counter-traffic I have felt anything but good. Of course, there were regularly widened places to dodge each other, but when you see how far it goes down partially, it's already scary.

On the precious white lace in the thunderstorm

Downhill from the white lace

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Route to the precious white tip on the map

We are then again under, and what should I say, so in about at Fuscher Törl The rain has actually stopped again. At the viewpoint of Seidlwinkel my friend has just got out, but it was so wet and cold and cloudy that you could hardly see anything anyway. and only shortly thereafter it was clear again! For a moment I was wondering if we should turn around again, but unfortunately it was quite late.

Nevertheless, we still took the branch to the Kaiser-Franz-josefs-altitude and, among other things, stopped at the Energieduschewasserfall and made a short walk on a small mountain lake. But then it was really time to move on to Lienz.

I take a short walk

The view was simply indescribable. Terrific! The light of the setting sun dipped everything into a friendly golden yellow, the clouds had loosened and even the moon stood well visible over the mountains. If we hadn't had it so far to Lienz, I would probably have stayed there until late at night. But we still had a not quite short distance before us and also no hotel booked.

The route to Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Höhe
The later it became, the more it clarified.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”18″ gal_title=”Großglockner2″]

Until we arrived in Lienz, it was even after 8pm. Luckily, the Navi led us to a hotel. The Grand Hotel Lienz. Wow what a sight! 5 stars, and you've seen that from the outside. But after all the hassle and a not very relaxing last night, we didn't want to sleep in uncomfortable beds again and are in to ask if there were rooms available, and especially what they would cost.

The valley was already in the fog.

A little over €240 per night, incl. Breakfast. Phew, so much I've never spent for a hotel. And we would continue the next morning at 11 o'clock. But anyway, we have indulged ourselves and not regretted for a single second! But more in the next post!

How did you like the Grossglockner High Alpine road? Have you been there or do you want to go? Do you have any other tips for beautiful, curvy tracks for me, which hopefully we can try out next year?

Roadtrip with obstacles-day 2 (Part 1)

Welcome to the second part of my Roadtrip report! If you missed the first one, just click here. Unfortunately our Roadtrip is not very well started. The hotel we have been staying in was unfortunately an absolute grey. Two single rooms, connected by the bathroom. The mattresses are well located and old, dead insects in the room. But after all, it was dry. Outside it started to thunderstorms. We could still sleep a little.

Horrtrip Part 2-or: How to get a rental car

After the not so relaxing night my friend grazed the Internet the next morning and somehow managed to find a rental car. At Sixt in Rosenheim, available from 12 o'clock. That was just setback 35km away. So running was not in there and buses drove through the coffee felt only once a month. The nice gentleman from the evening before, who had actually promised to bring us to Rosenheim, had already checked out, although we were actually agreed to breakfast. No matter what, there are taxis. So at the front desk asked if we could get one. Since it was still early, this also surprisingly ran totally smoothly.

The view from the hotel in the morning

The check out was also not an issue, because in the evening before we reached the ADAC and asked for a cost transfer for the hotel. Basically, we would probably have been able to submit this to the enemy insurance, but I just wanted to be sure. Our hotel booked in Austria we had to inform in the evening that we would not come. A cancellation was, of course, no longer possible at 8pm. If we had known at 3pm that we could not come, it might have gone differently, but so?

After all the theatre, I was quite surprised that the taxi arrived on time. Should everything be all right from now on? The taxi driver, a nice elderly gentleman, knew immediately where to go when we told him "Sixt in Rosenheim". Apparently he had to drive people there often. There was traffic jams on the highway. Sure, what else. Why should she be free, too? But our driver knew all this already and was driving a sideline. During the trip he told us a lot about the tourists who are now flocking, about municipalities that do not agree on the motorway renovation and at the same time two bridges and the many traffic there. And also about the fact that many newspapers today do not publish anything that is somehow critical of the community or against the government.

At first the weather was still good.

The trip lasted an hour, but we were so well entertained that it seemed to us much shorter. At 11:30 o'clock we were already at Sixt in Rosenheim. Earlier than planned. Then it would be all the more expeditious. The day had started so well, what else should go wrong? Basically nothing except that our booked car was not available. We really had to wait two hours for that. In addition, the Lady of Sixt was totally unfriendly. As if it were our fault that the booking confirmation was wrong for 12 o'clock. Every reasonable service employee would have apologized briefly for the poor programming and expressed his regret.

Our route on 27.8. 2017

All right, then. So we had to kill two hours on a Sunday in Rosenheim. Luckily, not far away was a Mömax, where we ate a trifle and drank something. We didn't have a drudge, and we didn't want to be slippery in the heat with all the luggage in the area. So against 13:30, the call finally came, our car was there. Until we were back at the station, inspected the car and had the interior cleaned again, we finally drove off.

Finally the Roadtrip continues!

A short time to the bank, a petrol station where you can buy a vignette (our was unfortunately already stuck in the crashed car) and finally go again, Roadtrip the second attempt! Again mostly on the road we drove across the border at Kufstein. From there it went over the 171. 173 and 178 to St. Johann in Tirol and on to Saalfelden on the stone Sea to Fusch on the Grossglockner road. On the way I finally could take pictures again. Most of them were created during the trip, because we were late, we could not stop so often to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”16″ gal_title=”Roadtrip1″]

From Fusch We continue to the toll station, where we still have a short rest. Originally it was planned to stay in front of the toll station and then start the morning after breakfast and stop and walk more often. So what to do? Continue the Roadtrip as planned and have more time in Milan, or stay one night longer in Austria?

As we finally decided and whether we regretted the decision, you will get to know this in my next post!

Excursion tip: Medieval Market in Fellbach

Even if it is already something, I would like to tell you today odch something about a nice excursion last January. Every year at the end of January a medieval market takes place in Fellbach. Unlike a MPs (which I have reported here), this market is not held in a large (castle) park. It is held in a hall. This ensures that the visitors come regardless of the weather. Especially January is not known for its warm temperatures. And who likes to wander around with snow in a knight's costume or in a dress?

At the various stalls there were weapons like swords and bows to buy. Handmade traditional shoes were also found. Or drinking horns of all sizes. Sheepskins and Coats too. Even dyed yarns and fabrics could be purchased for a few Taler (1 Taler = €1). Of course, there was also the obligatory silver jewelry, which one gets on every middle Ages or Christmas market. Luckily, much of the offer was really topic-related. I personally do not like the fact that there are too many wholesalers at such events.

Only the food offer really disappointed me. Something more unusual as I knew about the MPs did not exist. Bratwurst, french fries, curd balls, potato, that's it. Who wanted to get an ice cream too. For drinking, there were only the classic soft drinks and maybe another beer. No surprises here either. And unfortunately no Mead was sold, because I would have liked to have taken 1-2 bottles.

Anyone who was too tired of walking or eating has found a place at the tables and benches with a little luck. It is a pity that benches and beer tables were also taken, but probably not enough seats and tables could have been built. From there you could watch the music bands or the Fabelwesenshow that took place at specified times.

I also took a friend from Egypt to the medieval market. For a short moment he has considered whether he should not buy himself a closet, but then he left it when he saw how expensive they are. This is how we have been content to marvel at the many great-looking and armor that the visitors have worn.

If the market is also relatively small and the entry with €9 is already a bit expensive, it was a very nice afternoon. However, we only stayed there for two hours because the hall is quite small. For families and enthusiasts it is certainly a great tip, but I will probably not go there anymore.

Do you also have medieval markets? Do you go there more often? Or were you even disappointed by such an event?

Creative Designs for the blog – Graphics and fonts

Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of my series creative designs for the blog. In today's section, I want to tell you where and how to get great fonts and graphic elements for free. I've already told you about stock photos. If you missed the first part about stock photos, you can read it here: Click!

One thing: Just as for photos, fonts and graphic elements are also important for you to check the licenses before you use them. This is especially true if you want to use it commercially, so you want to create something that you sell (for example cups, t-shirts etc.).

What it looks like with blogs that make money, whether they also fall under commercial use, this is best asked by the author. Not that you're going to get a warning in the house! The whole thing just so that it does not mean I would have said that you can use all the freebies of the same pages for everything, that is unfortunately not so.

My Favorite Shop

I start directly with my favourite shop, because the fonts and graphics for my logo were bought there. Besides, there are great freebies every week, of which I have already used one or the other.


You get there really everything, fonts, graphics, Blogthemes, photos, Photoshop and Lightroom presets, business card templates and so on and so forth. And every Monday there are 6 freebies offered. What's there is always different, sometimes it's fonts, then Watercolor graphics or pattern (backgrounds) for Photoshop. Often with reference to upcoming holidays. The selection is gigantic, the prices are also very moderate. fonts, graphics, pictures, all this was created by the artists themselves (this also applies to the other shops). So if you are looking for a theme for the blog, want to create a logo or simply look for inspiration, then since you are definitely right there!

The two pictures come from this bundle by the way: https://creativemarket.com/BilberryCreate/1123617-BUNDLE-2000-elements

I also opened my own small shop and sold one or the other photo. But if one of my readers would like to work with one of the pictures, just contact me, we will find a solution: Click! Liked by the way very much appreciated! ;)

More shops

At Mydesigndeals, you can buy bundles in particular. If you give your e-mail, you get to the "designer toolbox". Stand today you get there for example background textures, various vector graphics or icons. It is also worthwhile to watch it here.

At designs.net there are mainly different templates and fonts. Apart from the freebies that you can use every now and then, especially the fonts, I find the offer rather not so good, but that is also because I do not have banners for Facebook, Twitter etc. And do not need any cards or flyers or T-shirt forms. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look once in a while to see what you get for free. (Update: Will be merged with the Hungry JPEG!)
The hungry JPEG has as far as I know of all the shops the lowest starting price. Besides, you get a lot of $1 deals with some really great graphics or fonts. And as I said, the starting price is also only at $1, you can also find a lot at the regular price of $1. After Creativemarket my second favorite shop, also because of the freebies. By the way, you can buy WordPress themes here, as well as at Creativemarket, though not very many.

Fontbundles has only fonts on offer, for this there are lots of free fonts and fonts from $1. If you are looking for design elements, you will find them at Designbundles. Again, there are lots of freebies that might be interesting for bloggers too.

Further freebies are also found at Creativebooster, Freedisgnressources (mostly for private use) and design cuts.

I hope you like my little list. Of course there are still viiiiel more providers for graphics or fonts, but in the meantime I pay attention to the fact that I download everything legally in order not to fall into a warning trap. At least here I am sure that this will not happen as long as I keep to the licensing agreements.

What did you experience? Where do your fonts and graphic elements come from? Did I forget a provider? Can you get some great freebies somewhere else?

I am also very happy if you share this post with your friends so that you too can soon get to enjoy great freebies!