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Since an experienced colleague told me months ago that my neck looks so naked on my application photo, I started to get more jewelry. For a long time I have not placed any value on it, at the latest since I have my new job, but I am very careful to go to work as always with earrings and a necklace, so it fits to the top. Somehow you actually look very different when wearing jewelry. And even in the evening, beautiful jewelry really spice up a rather nondescript outfit. So I'd like to introduce you to some parts of my current jewelry collection.

Silver necklace with Heart pendant by B. Catcher

I have received two beautiful necklaces from B. Catcher, which I would like to introduce to you today. The first chain I want to introduce to you has a beautiful heart pendant. At the lower tip there is a small cubic zirconia, which really shines nicely. The Silver pendant comes along with a 45cm long silver chain. If the chain is too short, it can also be exchanged without any problems. In the meantime I have some chains where this is not right, because the eyelet on the trailer is far too small and the closure of the chain does not fit through.

Silver necklace with twist-cube pendant by B. Catcher

The second chain I want to introduce to you today has a twist cube pendant. Around a large stone there are two rings that are filled with many small pebbles. The trailer is not even so small, for my taste is already a little too big to wear him in the office. But for a festive occasion, he's just right.
The chain is also 45 cm long. Here I would have liked that it is a little longer, such a trailer I would rather have deeper in the décolleté.

Both chains arrived in perfect condition with me, no pebbles missing and no broken chain closures. They were delivered in very pretty black jewelry boxes, designed with black velvety fabric. In addition, the chains were welded in again, so that nothing can happen.

I find them both beautiful! What do you say to the followers? Do you like me as well?

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