It's over, the summer break. And it really happened a lot! For example, the revision of the logo would be. New, fresher colors will shine the new posts. I was all too dreary in the long run. Pink and shades of gray, somehow it does not reflect again what I want to express. I found it really nice at first because of the covered but feminine colors, so I can not see it anymore. Those who follow the blog on Facebook had the possibility to vote on which color combination would be most beautiful. My personal favorite has also arrived at the most best.

But not only the logo is new. Also my menu has changed. There are currently only two main sections with different sub-points. But I still play with the idea to extend the travel and Fotografieteil even further and to make accordingly a separate menu item from it. But first I have to get my contributions done. I will write test reports in the future too, but my focus will clearly be the lifestyle area. And with regard to the scriptures that I'm going to use, I don't want to commit myself. I have so many beautiful fonts, since in the future I choose the one that suits me best to the particular post and I like the moment best!

Yes, and then there was our holiday, which started really disastrous! Not yet out of Germany (luckily!!) and someone has scrapped the convertible. How this happened and what this meant for us and our holiday, I will tell in my Roadtrip series. In addition, I will write in detail what you should do if your fault is involved in an accident. We have continued our journey through the Grossglockner to Milan and further to Zurich, but only with a rental car and with the constant ulterior motive that a lot of paperwork is blooming…

In August I was also a lot in the Remstal and surrounding area and would like to introduce you in the next weeks some nice and hidden places. Because Germany also has beautiful corners to offer, you just have to know them.

And now that the evenings are getting longer and the days get shorter, there is also a lot more time to blog. I still hope for a nice Indian summer, but the weather just fits the mood. Cloudy and grey. That's why I'm going to need a few more days to finally get the first road trip report. If you don't want to miss it, then best subscribe to my blog by mail or follow me on Facebook. I promise you, it's worth it!

In addition, I will write selected posts in the future bilingual. Actually, I wanted to run a second blog, but I think time is just better when I stay at a blog. I haven't filled my Zweitblog for a year, even though I've always done it. Slowly it will be time to see that I will not be able to do it again next year. In particular, the travel and photo reports become bilingual and then even more selected contributions. I will most probably continue to write product tests in German only. Let's see how it works. And whether I really want to buy a translation program or do it myself…

In the future I would like to publish two blog posts per week, sometimes maybe three times, if there is something that is extremely important to me. is scheduled to appear on Mondays and Thursdays. But that also means that my planned series of contributions (Roadtrip, application tips) will take longer to be published. But apart from the job, I'm not doing it any other way. And the last few weeks I have put myself under such pressure that in the end nothing was going on. I prefer to produce "stockpiled" posts and thus have reserves for times when there is less time. And should I enter into cooperation in the future, I can publish these contributions at a very appropriate time.

I very much hope that you like my new concept and you continue to visit me even if I do not post daily. Oh yes, in addition I will be hosting a contest every month, so don't forget to follow me on Facebook!

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