Nordic Walking-Part 1

Usually I write more about product tests, but I want to try to give the blog another direction, so in the future I will also write a little about what I do when I have some spare time.

2011 I started Nordic walking together with my mother. We had a "personal trainer" for a few months, who chased us three times a week. I also participated in one or another competition.
In the summer of 2012 I am moved to work and so this really very nice hobby for the time being again asleep.

The day before yesterday I picked myself up again, my sports clothes and my sticks, and I just drove to the Wanderparklplatz, from which an athlete runs through the forest. The track was very nice and I was about an hour away. Since there is no illuminated runner route here, unlike in the Ruhr area, I am reliant on daylight, also because I am not so well acquainted here yet. So I was not so long on the road (previously we were 1.5-2.5 hours Ofer More on the road).

For those who want to try it out, I have compiled a few tips here. Please note that I am not a trained trainer and it is advisable to consult a trainer or specialist literature in case of uncertainties and questions. That's why I'm not going to describe the right technique here, but to write more about equipment and general tips and advice.

First, as with any sporting activity, it is important to warm up. Some traniertere runners can simply run warm, so the first few hundred meters run at tavern pace. Untrained should do some gymnastic exercises in between and not run too fast at first. The average tempo of trained Nordic walkers can be 7 -7, 5km/h (during training, even more in competition). I have mostly trained with 6.5 km/h.

Before you get started, you should get the right equipment. First you should buy real sticks. Often you get sticks at Aldi and Co., but these are rather less well suited (they are often relatively heavy and moderately well processed) in order to exercise this sport really well. In the long run, you should take some money in your hands and buy real sticks in your specialist shop.

The sticks should be so long that they can be held in a 90 degree angle to the body. The optimal floor length is calculated as follows:

0.66 x body length in cm

Sticks are usually only offered in 5-10cm intervals. You can bring the stick to the right length with relatively little effort (of course you have to buy it a little bigger than you need it).
To do this, place the side with the handle in hot water until the glue has loosened and the handle can be removed from the stick. Then measure the required length of the stick (without rubber!) and saws it in the appropriate place with a metal saw. The handle can be attached to the stick again with hot glue and has the correct length for the stick.

There are different rubber feet, either for asphalt, soft ground or with spikes. Unlike the sticks, the feet of Aldi and co are generally highly recommended and relatively inexpensive. Here you can definitely create a small stock.

The sportswear of Tschibo, Aldi etc. It's not too bad. I am at least very satisfied with this. However, some say that sportswear from sports shops is much better processed and the seams are barely noticeable. Since I haven't invested so much money in expensive sports pants, I can't say much about that.

For safety It is recommends to wear sportswear with Reflketornähten and to wear a vest when walking in the twilight or in the dark, and possibly also to attach a light to the back. A headlamp is obligatory in darkness, once to see the way itself and to avoid injuries by stumbling over obstacles, but also to be better seen.

Personally, I had a very good trainer who made sure that the technique was right. I therefore recommend attending at least one course if you do not find anyone who gives private lessons. But at least you should join more experienced Nordic walkers who are looking to make as little mistake as possible.

What about you, have you tried Nordic walking? Did you like it?


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