New office chair: Need for seat MAXNOMIC ® DREAMHACK Pro

Finally it's there, my new chair, a need for Seat MAXNOMIC ® DREAMHACK Pro! Actually, he should come at the end of October, on time for my birthday in early November. However, the chair was so popular that I could only be considered at the second or third delivery after the order at all.

Popular chair at Streamers

The chair has cost €329, but a lot of streamers (people who play PC games and who broadcast live on the internet, and in some cases even make money) use a chair from need for seat. These chairs are also used at many e-sports events. Since I only had a very uncomfortable Ikea leather chair, a purchase was long overdue. And since my friend is watching a lot of streams, he's got the idea to give me one of those chairs. I was able to pick it myself, since I also have to like the colour (even if you don't see it when sitting on it).


Easy to set up

So recently, the chair was delivered and my friend was on one of his last days off to build it for me while I was at work. The manual consists of a series of photos explaining to me, so that the construction has turned out to be absolutely unproblematic. Unlike at the time of the Ikeastuhl. The construction is also very good to accomplish alone, the required tool and all screws are included.


The need for Seat "MAXNOMIC ® DREAMHACK Pro" is orange-black and made of very nice, soft synthetic leather. The seams are black and orange and very cleanly processed, nothing stands out or otherwise is somehow broken. The logo is also excellently processed.

And here from behind:


And what can the chair do?

The chair is extremely comfortable and offers very good setting possibilities. The backrest is infinitely adjustable up to an angle of 67 °, the height adjustment and the settings of the armrests are stepless and work very smoothly. The armrests are not only height-adjustable, but can also be pushed inside or outside. They can also be turned a little inside or outside. Thanks to the Softpadauflage, they are much more comfortable than plastic leanings!

Really class are the pillow and the Lordosenkissen (back pillow). The pillow can be attached to the backrest with the sewn-on rubber band, in addition the anti-slip coating prevents slipping of the pillow. It is super cuddly and very soft. The back cushion supports upright sitting, but the leaning of the head is rather uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I just like to use the back pillow very much.

If you are looking for a new PC chair and are ready to spend a bit more, but get a really comfortable chair where long sitting is not uncomfortable, you should definitely stop by the need for seat.

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