On Saturday 13. 12.2014, my excitement was great. At 07:05 am, the bus "my long-distance coach" should depart. From Essen to Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, planned 7 hours 40 minutes. The whole thing for €18.00.
The bus arrived at 06:50, all the passengers who started in Essen were already there. So the ride could start already at 07:00 pm. The long-distance coach drove to Munich and had planned nine stops. During these stays, cigarette breaks could be inserted.
When I got on the bus I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was clean and well maintained as new. The seats were comfortable and could be set. The toilet was cleaned on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the water went out, or Too much paper was used so that the toilet could no longer be used. The bus also had a small kitchen with
a coffee machine. Sugar could be obtained, milk was not on board. Small snacks and drinks were offered. A price list was made. You could use WiFi for free. There were even outlets. We also had several films to choose from, including children.
I was struck by the fact that the drivers were only given a small lunch package, and that personal concerns were not taken into account. (is one of the drivers Muslim or vegetarian?)
Both riders had a safe driving style and were able to take the bus well. The older driver had a good grip on his passengers in terms of seating arrangements and noisy telephony.
So all in all a very pleasant ride and can highly recommend "my long distance coach".

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