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Super Heroes and Super Villains

Today there is a film review before I will be happy with impressions of the Gamescom: Suicide Squad from DC.

Everyone knows and loves Batman, Superman and Co. But the world has more to offer, namely Super Heroes and super villains! And the most dangerous among them were chosen to put their lives on the battlefield in exchange for a shortening of the detention.

Once again destroy the world. or save?

The "Echantress", a wicked sorceress in the body of a pretty archeology, escapes her guards despite a fist pledge and can free her brother. Together they want to destroy the world, because people no longer worship them. Since the two are so dangerous, the world's best supervillains, who are currently in captivity by Argus, a secret organization, are being asked to rescue an unknown target from a vulnerable area. To prevent the Bad Boys (and Lady) from looking for the widest, they get implanted small explosives that they can turn off at the touch of a button. Together rescue Harley Quinn, the girlfriend of the Joker, Deadshot, Killer Croq and Co. So the target person, just to save the world after that. The super villain Hero Group with the unofficial name "Suicide Squad" is born.

Suicide Squad-Movie-Characters-calendar

Top or flop?

Most DC films are more likely to grow and cannot keep up with the series. Superman, Batman, really outstanding was not a movie of. So everyone was very excited about how Suicide Squad would be doing. The trailers had hoped and were really promising.

The filmmakers of the film have succeeded in portraying the actually evil characters as very human. You could almost like them rather than the "evil" Batman who captured many of them. Almost all of them also had their own story, which makes them seem sympathetic, whether good or bad.

The story was quite simple and actually quite predictable, but that did not harm the film. We laughed a lot in the movie and also the action scenes were great. 3d could not have been for us, but unfortunately we hardly have the choice. Also the acting performance was convincing, above all Will Smith I liked very much.

Suicide Squad3

Overall a really great movie that you should definitely watch in the cinema, even if you are not an excessively great superhero fan!

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