Film review: Jason Bourne

Finally a holiday in the homeland, that means that we can finally visit again a cinema, which is less than 20km away from our apartment. In fact, it is about a 15 minute walk. or 5 minutes by car. And you have to take advantage of that! So yesterday we were looking at the new Bourne part called "Jason Bourne".

Jason Bourne is a former secret agent who was in the previous films "The Bourne Identity", "The Bourne Conspiracy", "The Bourne Ultimatum" in search of his true identity, facing powerful opponents who prevent at all costs Wanted him to learn the truth. Nevertheless, he managed to find out who he really was, David Webb.


To the movie Jason Bourne

In "Jason Bourne", the former secret agent lives in the underground and strikes with boxing. A former ally takes contact with him after having captured documents about his father in a hacker attack on the CIA. Their real goal, however, was to provide information about a new secret agent program that is much more dangerous than the one that Bourne has taken part in. However, shortly after contacting her, she is killed and Bourne decides to follow the instructions she had, and to find out more about his father and himself.

Again he fights against the CIA, who sees in him a threat and wants to turn him off at any price. In particular, CIA chief Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) fears that Bourne will take revenge on him and leaves no attempt to kill him. His most dangerous weapon is the assassin, just called "asset" (Vincent Cassel). Cyber specialist Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander) also supports the CIA in finding Bourne, but is pursuing its own goals. However, Bourne also receives a lot of support from her in his fight against the CIA and the Director in particular.

Conclusion to Jason Bourne

The film is full of action, battle scenes and chases. Just like you'd expect from a Bourne movie. The characters were the same as the classical stereotypes: the introverted secret agent, the wicked director, the naïve-looking, but rather devious, pretty CIA employee, the ice-cold killer.

Anyone who has seen "honest trailer-The Bourne Trilogy" will also recognize the typical scenes and people in "Jason Bourne": Fights in cramped spaces, stations, chases, old grummelige men, rooms with computers, "asset". In short, the movie "Jason Bourne" corresponds to all the secret agent clichés.

Despite all the clichés a great action movie that you should definitely look at.

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