Only by the end of the month can you save money on car insurance by changing or reclassifying yourself! And that’s often easier than you thought.

All you need to know is

  • Your damage-free discount (SFR)
  • The class of your car

The current SFR can be read on your last insurance notification. As a rule, you should improve in the new year, unless you have taken advantage of your insurance. Say, who, for example, had the freedom of damage class 12 in the liability this year, should come in class 13 next year. The same also applies to the Hull share.

You can find the type class of your car on your vehicle license. Most insurance companies also offer a search on the model. But you also need to know exactly what the motorization is and when the car was approved. You’ll find that on your vehicle license as well.

With this information you can now easily search the internet for a new insurance. On the one there are a lot of comparison portals, on the other, you can also contact the individual insurance companies directly or Let you calculate a prize online.

What should you pay attention to in car insurance?

To find the right insurance, you should first answer some questions:

  • How many kilometers are you likely to drive next year?
  • Who’s going to drive the car?
  • Do you want a workshop bond
  • Do you really need a full insurance? Is your car maybe even too old for the partial?

The classification of kilometres is often an important criterion for your insurance plan. Many drivers probably have a higher chance of being involved in an accident than “Sunday drivers”. Anyone who is allowed to drive the vehicle is also relevant. Even novice drivers under the age of 25 have an increased risk of accidents, which the insurance companies can pay dearly. If the car is driven by one or two people anyway, or if the drivers are over 25, it will often be cheaper.

The workshop binding is an offer of insurance, where you are given an accident damage, where you have to have it repaired. The best way to inquire is whether your regular workshop is under the specified workshops. I never use this myself and therefore have no experience of how good or bad the workshop binding ultimately is.

The last and probably most important question is how should the car be insured? Is it really worth a comprehensive for the 15 year old Twingo? Is it not the partial or even the liability insurance? In the case of liability insurance, only damage to the enemy vehicle is insured if the accident was caused. For a damage caused by another person on his own vehicle this is completely irrelevant. The partial insurance is usually interesting because it takes for example storm damage (from wind power 8) or hail damage or comes up for a fault stolen vehicle (so never let the key stuck while you are on the tank Pay!).

Consider, however, that only the full insurance for vandalism comes up. If the neighbour scratches the varnish or is assigned to one of the outside mirrors and the polluter cannot be determined, the comprehensive will enter into force. Whether it’s worth it, since you are usually ranked worse again, you should be reckoned. There are also tariffs, because you have one damage a year free without losing its classification. They are, of course, always a little more expensive.

It doesn’t always have to be a new car insurance

Against the background of all this information, it is of course worthwhile to compare whether your own insurance is still the cheapest. But sometimes you just want to stay with your insurance because you are very happy with it. Even then, it is still worthwhile to call and ask for a tariff adjustment. For example, at the HUK Coburg I save around €25 because there was a tariff adjustment which is not automatically passed on. Outrageous, I know, but that doesn’t seem to be quite unusual in the industry.

You may also have services in your tariffs that you no longer need. In this way, it is important to check whether you may be paying a new value insurance or purchase price compensation, which may no longer be applicable due to the age of the vehicle: that is why my advice:

Compare your insurance with others and be sure to ask for a new fare!

Have you ever changed car insurance? How did you experience it? Or do you have it now? Then tell me about it!

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