Do you make these 5 mistakes when setting New Year’s Resolutions?

The new year has been rung in! Usually, at the start of the new year we are all highly motivated and we set about making many New Years Resolutions.

But motivation is a funny thing….  The first few days of the new year are already past, and I’d like to bet, that this is also true when it comes to those freshly made resolutions. Do you want to exercise more ? To lose weight? Or have you resolved to shop less this year? To find a better job? To not let the stacks of paper get so high that they fall over from their own weight?

The above are all good and important goals which require perseverance and discipline. At the latest by te end of January, once the daily work routine has set in, the motivation to change man things once alive at the new year has already. Or at least, that’s how it often turns out.

A few tips and tricks can keep the motivation up, however, and you can manage to stick to your resolutions beyond just the first week of January.


New Year's intent

Mistake Number 1: The Wrong Motivation

The most important reason why you don’t stick to your resolutions is the following: you aren’t 100% behind it! You have made a resolution based on some other source of motivation.

What kind of a goal have you made, and why? Do you wan to lose weight just because your best friend is doing it? Or because you lost your breathe after going up one flight of stairs? Or why do you want to stop smoking? Why do more exercise?

Only when you have the right motivation will you be able to achieve what you have set out to achieve.Think about it every day: what about your lifestyle hasn’t been good for you?A resolution has no value, if you make it just because it’s one that everyone else makes.  Be the reason for your resolutions- fully! You must be behind your newly defined goals.

Only then can you improve or change things. Without a basis for making a change, each resolution will be forgotten much more easily than you’d like to admit


Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Highly motivated!

Mistake Number 2: You Set Out For Too Much At Once

If you want a lot but are slow to achieve it, you will be quickly demotivated. Its better to work in small steps towards a goal, than to give it up. Jogging everyday?  Maybe a good idea- but isn’t it better to jog three or for days a week at first?

You don’t have to run a marathon right away- you can start slowly. If you set too big a goal and don’t reach it the risk is too high that you will be disappointed.  To prevent this, it’s better to set intermediate goals or at least to plan your lager goals realistically.

Losing weight also doesn’t  happen overnight (unfortunately). Until summer there is enough time to lose at most 0,5 a kilo per week.  At this rate, in 6 months it is then possible to lose 12 kilos!

If you want to find a new job this year, then make yourself a plan. Like the following:

In the first week you will update your CV, and your paperwork. In the next week update your profile on various professional networks and even make some new ones. And then starting the third week, you look for job ads and start applying.

Mistake Number 3: You Wait For „The Right Time”

It’s raining today, so you ccan’t go for a jog. Tomorrow you have to work a long shift. The day after that, you’ve planned othe r things. So afterwards, you’ll have to relax after all that stress. Oh- ironing still needs to be done.  No- first other chores.

You know what I mean? Yeah me too. There is always something else that is more important. Stopping smoking now is not so practical, because of this birthday party you plan to attend this weekend. Shop less? But just NOW there is a great sale- and you just can’t miss it!

Seek and ye shall find: its easy to find reasons why a diet can wait or what exercise can start later or the wrong time to stop smoking.

But really: The right time to start something, is actually NOW. Don’t wait for the right time, but simply start right away!



The right time

Mistake Number 4: You Don‘t Change Your Lifestyle

To really achieve something, it is unfortunately not enough just to make a few good resolutions, and stick them into your current daily routines. You have to often change our entire daily routines to prevent falling into old traps of pattern/habit.

To lose weight you have to do more than exercise three times a week: you have to also change your eating habits. From exercise alone you may not lose any weight. So, begin to buy different foods- take more home cooked food with you to work. Or, skip a meal if you aren’t truly hungry.

Often it is helpful, to avoid situations that are tempting for you, to fall back into old habits. Why do you have to go shopping exactly then, when there is a summer or winter clearance sale? Ask your friends to no t offer you any more cigarettes. Don’t walk past the candy aisle in the grocery store.

Whatever your goal is, you can’t be sure to keep your new resolutions if you are always sticking to old habits.

Mistake Number 5: You Don’t Look For Support

If you want to be successful in the long run it is easiest to do this with someone who motivates and supports you with your goals. If your partner also changes his or her diet and doesn’t bring any chips or chocolate home from the store, then you also are less likely to be lead off track.

A jogging group or a course in a fitness studio will better help you to stick to your plans for a longer time. If you don’t step out with your friends in the smoking area but instead take a break in the breakroom, then you will think less about smoking.




It is not easy to keep your eyes on your goals and to motivate yourself everyday. It’s even harder if you’re not entirely convinced about your resolutions and if you’re also not willing to change a few things in your lifestyle to help you achieve those goals Sometimes achieving a goal means to avoid situations that will put you back off track.

You have to set realistic goals for yourself- and don’t try to achieve too much at once otherwise you’ll be disappointed and toss it all out the window if you fail to deliver on your own promises.

Maybe write your goals on a large sheet of paper and hang it in a spot where you can see it- yso you can be reminded everyday of what you really want to accomplish!


Motivation by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
The right time: Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

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