Happy Easter

I wish all the readers out there Happy Easter!

I hope it will be as comfortable with you as it is with us. Our in-laws are here, and after we have been running through Stuttgart all day yesterday, there will probably be an extensive walk through the vineyards today.  At least right now there is nothing to see from rain far and wide. Besides, the air is so fresh and the birds are singing loudly, so it inevitably draws you out! Yes, and if it rains, we'll just go to the Mercedes Museum and look at cars. Although I was employed for about 20 months at Daimler as a employer, we have never made it to the museum before. So if we go there today, I'll tell you about it soon!

For the Easter dinner we make it easy for us, because we do not run a lot of effort. We are all relatively unpretentious. Let's see what I conjure up or whether we're going to the Mexican today. When the family is there, it's always a feast, no matter if it's just a holiday or not. Finally, the family lives over 400km far away and we see them only every few weeks. And once we have a visit, we must finally pamper them! We don't need Christmas or Easter for that.

In that sense I wish you a beautiful and hopefully sunny Easter!

Your Tanja

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