"May I pack this for you?" This question was not asked by Douglas or Kaufhof, but by a young girl at the Edeka. Here in the Swabian country, the young people have already been trimmed through and through on thrift. On a regular basis, you can see teenagers, sometimes even children, who stand alone, in pairs or in thirds on the shopping belt and eagerly wait for customers with fully laden shopping carts to ask them if they are allowed to pack the purchases.

For your effort, you will want only a small salary of 50 cents or one euro. The children do not spend their pocket money to buy the latest games for the PlayStation, but they support the whole class or club community. Because the money collected will benefit the next school outing, the graduation trip or the club outing.

I find the class that young people learn early to earn some money, but not to keep it for themselves, but to provide the community, be it the school class or club group. A really great idea from the kids and much better that the supermarkets (seen so far at different Edekas and real) here in the area support that. It would be nice if these actions would make school and I will soon be asked in the Ruhr area "can I pack this for you?"

By the way, I usually pack myself, but often support the action with a few pennies or even euros.

Are there any such actions with you, too? What do you think? Would you support the youngsters, or rather not?


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