It's over, the long corpus weekend. It was super nice but also extremely tiring! Since I also promised to test the camera of my new cell phone, I decided to tell you about my weekend and to show some photos. To the technical details (which apps you need for what, what you can etc.) I will go into a separate post, but probably no more this week.

So here's my weekend:

 Thursday, 4. June 2015: Arrival and Queen Kings

On Thursday we got up at 4 o'clock and relaxed at 5.30 am. Around 10 o'clock we were in Duisburg for breakfast. Since my loved one has slept too little, he has been somewhat rested there while I chatted with the in-laws in PES.
Around 2 pm we went to my place (I live there my parents ' house, both of which no longer live there) and at 16.30 o'clock it was going straight back to Leverkusen. The time until then I have been expelled from watching and photographing the Meiseneltern during feeding approach. Every year in our old pear tree they inhabit one of the breeding houses and have 1-2.

WP_20150604_15_54_29_ProIn the evening it was then to Leverkusen to the Schlebuscher Protect and festival. From 6pm The Queen Kings played there (look here). As you can tell by name, it's a queen cover band. But an incredibly good one! The place was extremely crowded, the weather bombastic and the show super. In the first half, mostly lesser-known songs were played, in the second almost only the greatest hits of Queen. At 9pm everything was over again.



WP_20150604_19_42_46_Pro WP_20150604_20_30_13_Pro

We then let the evening end at the Asia Palace in Duisburg. Since there is buffet only until 10pm and we were only around 21.55, we ordered by card. I ordered chicken with peanut sauce, but I think you forgot the peanuts in the sauce. Anyway, she tasted nothing with a little sour. The food was also very expensive. Once again I will not go there, also my father did not find it particularly intoxicating…

Friday, 5th June 2015: Bank, family and grilling

Friday then went on similarly stressful. Since I couldn't sleep well I just got up at 7.15 am and tried a little to curb the weeds and grass from our garden. I was not particularly successful, but it was too warm in the morning to work. Besides, I would have had to pluck out too many flowers, since they have now also settled outside the bed. But I didn't want to see bees and bumblebees eating enough. On the other side of the house is the cemetery, although they do not starve, but I like it when the garden is alive and humming and chirping.

WP_20150604_14_55_29_ProAt 9:00 a.m. to the bank to learn how to burn my money best. OK, the investment proposals actually sounded quite good and I am currently tending to actually try out a stock fund. But I have to read it in more detail.
After the bank there was breakfast with my father and from there I drove to my mother and my grandparents. Oh, it was nice to lie in the garden under the parasol! And my mother's cell phone is now decently furnished.
Finally there was time to go to the Asia Supermarket! Besides noodles and sauces I still bought mochi and frozen Dimsum.
Since my friend has spontaneously stayed longer with his buddy, to whom he drove on Thursday, I also had time to ride friends and to grill with them. Unfortunately, it was so dusty and windy around 10pm that I decided to go back home, especially since the round was going to start playing with Shadowrun (pen & paper rpg) Anyway and I didn't have my char. Nevertheless, it was a very nice and fun evening. At midnight I was finally in bed!


Saturday, 6th June 2015: Geocaching event in Xanten

On Saturday it was said to get up early and to be with my grandparents at 8 o'clock and have breakfast with you and my mother. At 9 o'clock we are then after Xanten dangers to the GeoXantike, a Geocachingevent. We were there at 10 o'clock and stayed in the park until about half past one. Actually, we didn't want to get into the Römerpark, but after there were so many people, I wanted to see what there is. The park itself was able to buy accessories for his hobby at various stalls. This ranged from T-shirts to tradies and caches to climbing equipment. It was really impressive what was offered there and how many people are doing this hobby. I only go with my mother now and then, but it is already fun to look for hidden "cans" in the forest… Around the park and in the city itself there were still caches to discover, but we didn't look for any.


WP_20150606_11_17_55_Panorama WP_20150606_10_34_04_Pro

After that we went to the city centre and also quickly found a parking lot. After a short round of the village we took the journey home at about 13.30 pm. When we were finally back, I was so flat that after we had eaten some cakes, I had a nap on Mama's couch! Since I have unfortunately become a bit too lazy and have also increased somewhat, this has really hosed me. At least now the motivation is back to do more and more sports again! Let's see how long it lasts.


Xanten Dom

At least in the evening I did something more for than against the Hüftgold. I was eating sushi with my friend. The Umai in Mülheim an der Ruhr is really good, the sushi tastes very tasty and is very fresh. There is no frozen sushi served, although the prices are even very moderate. Including drinks, we both paid around €42 together. After that we made a small Verdauungspaziergängchen through the city centre of Mülheim.



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Sunday, 07. June 2015: Homeward Journey

For Sunday I can not write so much anymore. Breakfast at my father's, car pack, to his parents and about 1pm to the highway south. After more than 5 hours (normally the trip lasts about 4 hours) We were finally there again. Unpacking the car, cooking, ironing for the work and stewing herbs, that's it, more was no longer in it.

Overall, I had a very nice and very active weekend. And what did you do on this great, long weekend?

Conclusion to the camera of the Lumia 640 XL

Overall, I'm very happy, only the digital zoom could be a bit better. If you don't use it full, the pictures are really nice. The offered apps also help to make beautiful and sometimes even animated images. The Panorama function requires a separate app and does not work very well if the lighting conditions change too much.

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