My Lumia 640 XL-First impressions

As I have already written, after Laaaaanger wait I finally got my new phone, a Lumia 640 XL. Today I want to introduce the most important functions for me and just get rid of some general things.

to the battery: 
I have fully charged the battery on Saturday at noon. Now it's Monday, 7pm and the battery is at 36%. I regularly look at my phone, write WhatsApp, read on the Internet or watch videos (OK, not soooo often). Now that I have a PC here, I probably used it a little less than I would do if I was traveling a lot. The light setting was most of the time on maximum. It's a pretty decent performance for that. In any case, the battery convinced me that it is considerably better than my Wiko rainbow and also better than the little Lumia I used as an interim mobile phone.

The battery is interchangeable and lasts quite long

To the screen:

Screen with Homebar
Screen without Home

A screen diagonal of 5.7 inches is really great! In millimeters it means that the mobile phone is 81, 5mm wide and 157, 9mm high. This is not to be ignored if you think about getting this phone. It's actually pretty thin with 9mm thickness. The resolution of the display is 1280 x 720 pixels. This may not be so much for the size and there are also phones with better resolution, but personally I feel it is more than sufficient for my purposes. Finally, we must not forget that a higher screen quality is directly reflected in the price.
What has been decidedly cleverly solved is the possibility to hide the "Homebar". If you want to, you can hide the back or home. This way you can gain a little more screen space.
You can also adjust the colors of the tiles very individually. From grey to yellow, red, blue or individual pictures, almost everything is possible.

The sound quality:
The sound quality of the phone is flawless. I hear my interlocutors clearly and they hear me.
It is also possible to listen to music via the mobile phone, although the quality is not the best. But well, it's a cell phone when I compare that with our Nubert boxes… Still, she's OK, just as good as she can be with a cell phone. It clatters at least nothing. It's better with the Bluetooth speaker anyway. And since I got this for free, I use it rather than the speakers of the cell phone.

The Processor:
The quad-core 1, 2GHz delivers enough power to surf smoothly. Load several apps at the same time, but it's not easy to surf, but honestly, who is downloading something permanently and surfing in parallel on the internet?

As I have already written, the accessories are rather skinny. A charging cable is included in the scope of delivery, otherwise nothing. At least I would have liked headphones. The fact that the cable from the charger is connected to this tight and you cannot use it to connect the phone to the PC, I also feel rather as a disadvantage. There was still potential here.

On the other hand, there is an annual license for Microsoft Office staff to use on a PC, a tablet, and a smartphone. The Microsoft home page costs the subscription €69.
To unlock it, just download the Office Gift app and follow the instructions.

I find the arrangement of the apps more clear and orderly than on Android.

As you can see here and also in the pictures above, there are the most popular apps also for Windowsphones. Facebook, WhatsApp,, Googlemail and many more are now available. Also many Bloggerapps, I only need blogger WP to edit my blog.
Highlight the apps here Drive + and here maps. With here Drive + you get completely free of charge all navigation maps of Germany, Europe and worldwide for download and update and can thus access the Navi-operation at any time offline and without any data usage. Super class is the function of here maps, but for which you have to turn on the location service: you can see which shops, cafes or sights are nearby.
Since I am unfortunately still not completely healthy and the weather has not really played along, I have just tested it from the bedroom window. Instead of the bedroom wall you would see, for example, the shopping street. Or you could show it on the classic map.  I love this app! Never ask for directions! Super Mega!

I'm just completely enthusiastic about this phone, for me it's all right. For the price of under €220 you get a very good phone with lots of possibilities! And I haven't even tried all of them. For example, I haven't talked to Cortana. or OneNote. Or the camera is thoroughly tested. And since this report is already so incredibly long, I will later report more about my apps. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions in advance!

And since my mother absolutely needed a new phone and a new tablet, I recommended her to buy the Lumia 640 XL as well. Here's my mother's opinion:

My first Microsoft Phone
I have an Android phone obsessed and big apprehension had me
to a new system. It's a lot easier than I
Feared. The only problem I've had so far is that
My SIM card does not fit and I no longer have to shop phone
have made. I'll change that tomorrow and let me surprise you if
Then still everything is good. Since I have no difficulty in my
WLAN, I have already been able to test how I use Apps
Can play and uninstall.
To go out of a program, I have to find something
Have to do until it worked. That also works out wonderfully. I had to
Find me first.
The apps can be found better and are better arranged than in the Playstore. 

I am very pleased with the Microsoft phone so far. I can get used to the bright orange color.

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