Gamingtastatur Logitech G710 + in Test

Sometimes you just have luck in your life. For example, when the friend at the Gamescom at wargame wins a Gamingtastatur and then gives it away to his girlfriend! That's why the Gamingtastatur Logitech G710 + is in the test today.


I have already presented to you a mechanical keyboard of cherry and I have also discussed in detail the specifics of mechanical keyboards in general: Click From therefore I will not continue here on general details of mechanical keyboards , but start directly with the description of the Logitech G710 + keyboard and a comparison with the Cherry MX-board 3.0.

About the Logitech G710 +

With a size of 51.3 × 16.5 (22.2) × 3.8 cm (L × w × H) and a weight of 1.542 g it is neither small nor particularly light and almost twice as heavy as the Cherry keyboard I tested. The connection cable is sufficient for 2m.
Logitech also uses Cherry MX "Brown" switches with a release weight of 45g. Like all mechanical keyboards, their lifespan should be 50 million strokes. In addition, there is a USB 2.0 connector on the keyboard that can be used to connect other devices.

Logitech G710 + Keyboard

Logitech G710 + Gamingtastatur with wrist rest

Connector plug

Logitech G710 + Gamingtastatur USB ports

Logitech G710 + Brown Switch

The Logitech G710 + Gamingtastatur also uses Xgerry mx "Brown" switches

Logitech G710 + Macro Keys

Logitech G710 + Macro Keys

Especially for gamers there are six macro buttons (G1-6) with three levels, so that up to 18 macros can be stored. The storage of the macros is possible once you have downloaded and installed the gaming software. Further on the keyboard is a role for volume control as well as buttons for play/pause, stop, track change,
Gaming mode, macro recording (M1-3, Mr) and the lighting setting. The upper keys for macro setting, start/stop etc. are unfortunately not mechanical but on a Rubberdome basis, but since you hardly use them when playing and writing anyway, that is also not bad in my eyes. Also worth mentioning is the Gamingeinstellung, which prevents you from entering the Windows menu, should you accidentally come to the Windows button when playing..


Logitech G710 + Volume Control

Logitech G710 + Volume Control

Logitech G710 + ARROW keys

Logitech G710 + ARROW keys

The buttons are black, except for the WASD or Arrow keys, these are gray. In addition, the G-Keys (special keys to store macros) are framed in orange. All buttons are made of plastic, as well as the housing. Around the keyboard bed, however, piano lacquer was used, which makes the keyboard look more noble. If you read other test reports, however, it is pointed out that the gap caused by the different material increases the susceptibility to dirt. It is also more likely to see finger impressions on piano lacquer than on plastic. The fact that this is not entirely obvious can be seen in the pictures, dust and fingerprints are already visible, although the keyboard is still new and almost not used when the images were created.

Logitech G710 + WASD Keys

Logitech G710 + WASD Keys

The lighting is adjustable in five levels (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 0%) and can be set separately for WASD/arrow keys and the rest of the keyboard. Below the buttons is a rubber ring that swallows a little of the volume of the Stop noise. That's why the Logitech keyboard is also considerably quieter than the Cherry MX-board 3.0.

Logitech G710 +

A rubber ring dampens the stop noise


The Logitech G710 + comes with little suplementary. In addition to the obligatory connection cable, however, a wrist rest is included with the equipment. I missed the cherry keyboard a little. However, I would have liked something more from the wrist rest. Connecting pieces are made of thin plastic and act as if they will break quite quickly. Let's see how long they hold me. In addition, the pad consists only of plastic, a rubber coating o. Ä. Unfortunately, there is no. However, it is also important to note that the wrist rest is very easy to connect to the keyboard and does not fall off when you lift the keyboard. It's all bomb-trapped!

Logitech G710 + Keyboard 2

Logitech G710 + Keyboard

Pad down

Logitech G710 + Keyboard Palm support back

Logitech G710 +


Just plug the USB plug into your PC, that would be too easy. There are two USB connectors. For the beginner, therefore, also does not directly access what they are. The one plug is the Logitech icon, and the other is a keyboard icon. If you just plug the connector into the PC with the keyboard connection, the keyboard will work, also the lighting is on. If you just put the other plug in, the keyboard does not work.

First of all, I did not work with the loud strength button. However, after I downloaded and installed the gaming software, which is actually needed to create the macro buttons, and once the keyboard was plugged and reconnected, all functions of the keyboard were available.


In contrast to the cherry-keyboard, the buttons are smaller, they are at least considerably closer together. This made me very difficult to get started, many typos were the result. On the other hand, I feel the volume is even more pleasant than the cherry. I also like the lighting very much, I don't like to type in the dark and therefore I always have light when it gets darker outside, but in the future I can probably do without the ceiling lighting longer. So far I always thought I would not need it, but actually it is a very nice feature.
The Logitech keyboard also lacks a tool to solve the individual keys, but with some force you can at least remove the larger ones and then also the small one.
I feel that the volume is more pleasant than the cherry keyboard, even though I haven't felt it to be too loud or really annoying.

Unfortunately, on the piano lacquer you can see dust immediately, even finger impressions will not be avoided in the long run. It looks prettier, but the disadvantages in my eyes outweigh it.

The USB hub at the keyboard is also not really happy. I would have to lift the keyboard each time to connect another device. The idea is very good, the implementation unfortunately only moderately successful.

Overall, this keyboard is not bad and can already be obtained for around €70 on ebay (Virgin). Just the extra features like programmable buttons or lighting I find are nice features. However, whether I will stay with this keyboard in the long run or change back to the Cherry MX-board 3.0, I still have to decide, because I feel the keys as very small and cramped and had the feeling to mistype me on the cherry-keyboard less. However, tariffs quieter sounds quite a big advantage, since we sit in twos in the room and my typing has disturbed my friend from and on to watch YouTube.

And for those who are still not convinced, here's a great video from wargaming and Logitech that shows how unbreakable the keyboard is:

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