I really have a weakness for spices. My closet has become so crowded, you might think I have my own spice shop. Homemade wild garlic salt, various other salts and spice mixes with flowers… The same goes for my tea. I have so much tea that I will not be able to drink until the end of my life. And yet I have never enough of it! Green teas, black teas, tea from Japan or Egypt or from the Azores, bags or lots, with me you find almost everything! And because I love tea, I bought a tea advent calendar from Lebensbaum. Since the teas really tasted very good, I was so happier that life tree provided me with a great package of oriental spices and four fancy teas for testing!

Orient in the kitchen-spices of tree of life

I got two really great spices: ras el Hanout (by the way, this means “head of a shop” and is, according to my Egyptian friend, more in the Moroccan kitchen at home) and Harissa (which is actually called “paste” and in Egypt also not as a spice mixture But is actually sold as a paste that is really spicy!).
The Ras el Hanout from the Tree of Life consists of the following spices: Coriander * *, Kumin *, paprika * *, onion * *, ginger *, turmeric * *, cinnamon *, thyme (8%) * *, sea salt, garlic * *, marjoram * *, rosemary * *, cardamom *, anise * *, pepper * *, allspice *, chili *, lime * *, Clove * (67% Demeter ingredients)

Harissa of Tree of life is not a paste, but a spice mixture, the following spices contain: paprika * *, coriander * *, Kumin *, chili (12%) *, onion * *, garlic * *, black cumin * *, turmeric * *, parsley * *, ginger *, sea salt, cumin * * (68% Demeter ingredients)
* = Ingredients from Ökol. Farming, * * = ingredients from Biol. Dynamic cultivation

The two spices are really great and I love to cook with them. I spice meat, sprinkle it over my vegetables or on the sausage at breakfast. I also have some really great Rezetempfehlung for you. What exactly I am doing with it, but I will only tell you later, only so much in advance: it goes among other things oriental latte!

Extraordinary tea of Lebensbaum

Long I drank tea only sweetened. Lately, however, I am trying to drastically reduce my sugar consumption. After a short umgewöhnungs time, teas are now unsweetened much better than sweetened. Also the varieties that I have received from Lebensbaum can be drunk really well without sugar.

Tulsi pink berry with Rose blossoms is a very spicy tea. Tulsi (27%) * (also known as “Indian Basil”), Apple *, rosehip *, lemon grass *, ginger *, carrot *, pink pepper (3%) *, Rose blossom * are the ingredients of this tea.  Although the pepper is very small, I find that it is very dominant. For my taste the tea was a bit too peppery, but my mother found him really great and was allowed to keep it.

I already knew goji orange with corn flowers from the advent calendar and found it really tasty. This tea consists of: orange leaf *, goji (20%) *, rosehip *, lemon grass *, Apple *, orange (10%) *, cinnamon *, cornflower *. A great tea that I like very much!

Aronia hemp with lemon myrtle is a really tasty tea that smells and tastes like floral. Its main ingredients are: leaf (24%) *, Apple *, lemon grass *, Aronia (11%) *, liquorice *, orange *, rose blossom *, lemon myrtle (3%) *.

But my absolute tea is nanamint-violet with vanilla! The list of ingredients looks like this: fennel *, Apple *, Rosehip *, Nanaminze * (15%), Clover *, strawberry leaf *, vanilla *, violet *. Of all the varieties I have drunk this tea the most. I really like mint tea, but in this mix he is simply megalecker!

* = Ingredients from Ökol. Farming, * * = ingredients from Biol. Dynamic cultivation

Overall, all the teas are really tasty. I also love some of the most failed varieties. And they can be found in the shop of Lebensbaum. As soon as my kitchen boards become more empty, I will definitely order new teas. It is a pity that Lebensbaum products are often only obtained in organic markets. Luckily, the store in the resort has a few teas, though not the one featured here. By the way, all teas are without aroma additives. They really do not need them, because the ingredients alone are already very aromatic!

The presented products were provided to me free of charge for a product test, no further remuneration was made. You can find more information here

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