Ladies Watch Bella Joya "Florence" by Otto Weitzmann


Time is relative, we know that at the latest since Einstein. Times she feels faster, sometimes slower. Especially when we have a lot of fun or experience a lot of new things, the time seems to run. And if you don't have a watch, he may be late for his appointment. So that this does not happen to you I would like to present to you today the clocks of Otto Weitzmann.

Bella Joya "Florence", Fashionable ladies watch, Echlederband Black

For a product test I was allowed to choose a watch and finally decided on the model Florence from the series Bella Joya (click for more info). The clocks are limited to 500 pieces. This is also confirmed by hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity by the Distributor. Very nice that not everything comes out of the printer, but someone takes the trouble and puts a pen in the hand!

At the Bella Joya "Florence" by Otto Weitzmann I especially liked the dial, in which the quarters are represented in Roman numerals, the 5 figures only consist of glittering stones. The colors are very discreet with black and a bright silver-grey and fit perfectly to casual wear but also very good to more formal clothes such as a blazer. This was very important to me because I never went to work with jeans and T-shirt and wanted a watch that I can wear both in the office and in my spare time. The dial is rounded off by silver-colored ornaments, which remind me a little of clouds and a very beautiful silver frame.

The pointers glow in the dark, which would not have been necessary for me now, but can be quite helpful, for example, if you sit in the dark cinema and do not want to look at his mobile phone to read the time. The bracelet is made of black, textured and slightly shiny leather and fits perfectly to the overall design.

That's what Otto Weitzmann says about his watch

Like "Florence", the world-famous capital of Tuscany, this exceptional timepiece from the Bella Joya collection for beauty and Dolce Vita is also available. Artfully curved ornaments decorate the silver-colored dial and white gemstones serve as tasteful hour markers. A hand-crafted ray-structure-Genuine leather bracelet matched to the pointer colour guarantees a high level of comfort. A Japanese MIYOTA quality quartz plant simultaneously ensures precession and longevity. This piece of jewelry is a must for any fashion-conscious woman!

Technical Highlights
Housing: Noble Metal Housing
Glass: tempered Mineral glass
Diameter. 44 mm
Movement: Miyota Precision Quartz Plant
Belt STOP: 22 mm
ATM: 3


I have underestimated the size of the dial, on my very tender wrist it seems a little big. Not too big, but it could have been a little bit smaller. Besides, I had to take the last hole and the bracelet is still a little too loose. Otherwise I am very happy with my new watch. Maybe I'll just have to make another hole in the right place so that it doesn't sit so loose.

The color design is very harmonious, the dial a very nice motif and the genuine leather bracelet felt very pleasant on the skin. By the way, the clock was already set correctly on me, so I didn't have to put it myself. A small but very fine service! Overall I can really recommend the watch Bella Joya "Florence" by Otto Weitzmann, unfortunately just not for very slim wrist.

Do you already know the clocks of Otto Weitzmann? Do you like them? And of course I am particularly interested in how you like my watch! Just tell me in a comment!

You can also find Otto Weitzmann on Facebook!

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