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In June I received a Cherry MX-board 3.0 keyboard for free for an independent test and an honest review. So far I have usually used a so-called Rubberdome keyboard (most probably known as "normal" keyboard). My friend, however, has been swearing on his mechanical keyboard for a long time, so I also wanted to finally try a mechanical keyboard.

First, let me try to explain briefly what a mechanical keyboard really is. Please consider that I myself am a layman and have searched the information myself. For 100% accuracy I do not take any guarantee. I will try to explain it as simple and general as possible. So that no one can accuse me of "stealing ideas", you will also find a lot of references with further information.

Pros and cons of mechanical keyboards

In the case of a mechanical keyboard, there are mechanical single switches with a spiral spring under the caps of the keys. Thanks to you, the button jumps up again after pressing. Mechanical keyboards are usually rated with 50 million strokes more durable than Rubberdome keyboards, which are designed to "only" 5 million strokes. Also, the pressure feeling and the feedback of the keys on mechanical keyboards should hardly change over time. At the same time, the amount of effort required is lower compared to Rubberdome keyboards, which is noticeable with long typing.

However, mechanical keyboards have not only advantages. In particular, the higher volume and the compared to similarly equipped Rubberdome keyboards are to be mentioned here as disadvantages.


  • More durable than Rubberdome keyboards
  • Less effort to tap
  • Precise
  • Better sense of writing


  • Usually more expensive than Rubberdome-Tasturen
  • Louder

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Switches properties

Mechanical keyboards are available with different switches. The color of the switches shows the characteristics of the keyboard as you type. The Cherry MX switches are considered the standard and are used in most keyboards.

Keyboards with brown switches are the all-rounders among the switches and probably the most popular switches. The switches are tactile (you can feel that you have pressed the button) and the switching point is clearly noticeable. The way to the switching point is 2mm. With the brown switches, the click Point is not noticeable. To overcome the switching point, an actuating force of about 55g is required. Keyboards with brown switches are located between pure writing keyboards and ideal gamer keyboards.

Here you can find the graphic of the brown switches of the Cherry MX-board 3.0 (source for the following four graphics:

  • Brown switch pressure point (55cN)
    Brown switch pressure point (55cN)


Brown switch






Keyboards with black switches are linear, which means you don't feel the pressure points. Very often these keyboards are used by gamers. The actuating force is at an average 60g higher than that of brown switches. This is especially useful for those who prescribe themselves more often, because it is less likely to accidentally press a button.

  • Black Switch Linear (60 cn)Black Switch Linear (60 cn)

Keyboards with red switches are similar to those with black switches, but here much less force is needed to overcome the switching point, namely only about 45g. This increases the number of times the error is written.

  • Red Switch Linear (45 cn)
    Red Switch Linear (45 cn)

Blue switches are particularly tactile, that is, you get a very strong feedback in the form of a very good sense and audible clicks. However, it is louder than the other keyboards. To overcome the switching point, up to 60g is also required. Blue switches are especially suitable for many scribes.

  • Blue Switch Click Pressure Point (60cN)
    Blue Switch Click Pressure Point (60cN)

You can find further information about the Swites here, for example:,testberichte-240784-3.html

Cherry MX-board 3.0

The technique. In the following I would like to go directly to the Cherry MX-board 3.0.

The Cherry MX Board 3.0

Scope of delivery: keyboard (Colour: black), USB cable (USB-mini-USB), Quick Start Guide, 2x anti-skid, 2x rubber caps for Verstellfüße.

The keyboard is very well processed, there are no uncleanly processed edges or sharp corners. The illuminated cherry logo on the front and the logo print on the back of the keyboard are also very nice.

Logo on the back of the keyboard

Illuminated logo

Unfortunately, a brace is missing, similar to a tweezer (I don't know how these things really are called) to remove the keys, which makes it difficult to clean the keyboard, since the keys are very difficult to loosen without the bracket. They are a little bit deeper and quite close together, so that even with longer fingernails you cannot grasp properly. To avoid damaging the buttons, I recommend that you buy a bracket or similar tool. Alternatively, you could try it with tweezers as well.
The keys are pleasantly large and in a very pleasant writing distance. The upper surface is slightly smaller than the lower part, so that you don't accidentally press another button down with the caught.

Clip to remove keys-not included

I feel the writing on the MX Board 3.0 is very pleasant. The slight resistance and the key spacing actually help to avoid mistakes. On the job, I use a Rubberdome cherry keyboard and I type in all the time.
Even when gambling I find the keyboard much more pleasant now than my old Rubberdometastatur. I don't play shooters, but I also notice a difference in the games I play.
Overall, mechanical keyboards are supposed to be more durable than Rubberdomes. At least with my friend's keyboard, after a few years, there are actually no noticeable changes in the feeling of pressure. I've only recently been to cherry and I can't say much about it yet.

Compared to the Ducky Shine keyboard My friend uses, the MX board is louder and the buttons are a bit lower. However, his keyboard also costs about 2, times so much, so that here a comparison is only possible with reservation. I personally felt the volume of the MX-board in the beginning as a little getting used to, but now it doesn't bother me much. If you want it to be a little quieter, you just have to write a little slower and more thoughtfully or use a Rubberdome keyboard.

Otherwise I am very satisfied with the processing of the keyboard. The detachable USB cable sits tight and does not dissolve when you move the keyboard. Also great are the buttons above the Nummernpad, with which you can adjust the volume on the PC. The buttons of the MX-board 3.0 are very well processed, but unfortunately not illuminated. With illuminated keyboards There are lots of great gadgets, but they also come down in price. How long the label lasts will show up. At least with the cheap keyboards I have had so far, some letters were barely readable or even unreadable after a certain period of time. Here I am curious how the Cherry MX-board 3.0 will beat in the long-term test.

Volume control buttons above the Numpad


I am very glad that I was allowed to test the mechanical keyboard of cherry. Although I have occasionally written something on my friend's PC, but never enough to really get used to the mechanical keyboard. Now I'm pretty sure I don't want to use a keyboard other than a mechanical one at home. The Cherry MX-board 3.0 meets all of my requirements.
The volume is OK, the typing noise may be a little quieter. The feeling of pressure is very good and I actually realize that I have far fewer typos due to accidentally pressed keys than on my Rubberdome keyboard at work. Since I have no value on frills, I don't need any button lighting, but the imprints are well visible even in less light.

However, the missing brace for loosening the keys is a small drawback. Without this bracket it is difficult to clean the keyboard under the keys of Krümmeln and dust.

Overall, the keyboard offers a very good value for money and I can recommend you to a quiet conscience. For example, you can buy it here: Amazon *


Further reading

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