In the future, I will write a summary of the most beautiful, funniest, greatest or most informative blog posts I have read in the month once or twice a month. For one, this blog is supposed to be a small reminder for me so I can always look back at the reports (at some point the list of favorites is too crowded and there is a lot of things going on), on the other I would like to work with other bloggers That will give me a lot of fun with their blogs and invest a lot of time. So this series is supposed to be a little thank you to all bloggers! Oh yes, since I always find new blog and on this surf, the articles must of course not necessarily have been published in the month in which I introduce them to you. But only on the sidelines.

So let's start with:

There are so many great articles on coconut-sports that I can only recommend you to Durchzuklicken. This one has recently come to me, and I have encountered a few others. It is about the Wahnwitzigstens requests for cooperation. You really wonder what the writers thought… Definitely a blog that is worth looking at!

Even though I am totally ungifted by myself, I always like to look at my crocheted heart, especially because Jasmin has crocheted my sister's Christmas gift last year and it was super on! Now she's presented a great idea on how to make his pen look pretty. You have to come to such ideas first…

A nice post about the beginnings and mistakes you made as a product test blogger can be found at Test goulash: Http://
Phew, that with the photos is never happened to me luckily, the few photos that are not mine, are marked appropriately and only from the company pages, so nothing stolen from Google or anywhere else.

Unfortunately not a nice experience, but an important warning from dear Stöckelschuh. A test has found that the Instagram account has been copied multiple times. But read for yourself:

Ramadan for a day at Sarah Maria… When I was reading, I felt really compassionate and decided not to try it myself!

Prejudices against bloggers were gathered in Carolin-

How to get the blog up a bit, get rid of unnecessary balast and improve the load time, you will learn at Blogsheet:

Do you have any other great reports I should read? Just leave me a comment!



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