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This year my friend and I decided not to give each other something for Christmas, but to buy something together for our unfortunately very bare walls. Since we are both absolute gaming freaks and can gamble for hours, we also wanted to have something related to our hobby. He then discovered the Pixel empire through a YouTuber he likes to look at. It is an American site that sells various art prints, including very nice with gaming reference, but also Star Wars fans come there at their expense. We have opted for an offer where you can choose three pictures. The package is called "limited video game series Pick 3". From the following games you can choose from three different or even three identical images:

• BioShock
• BioShock Infinite
• Legend of Zelda
• Destiny
• Mass Effect
• Halo
• Final Fantasy VII
• Borderlands
• Metal Gear Solid
• Assassin's Creed
• Dead Space
• Titanium
• Jak & Daxter
• The Witcher
• The Last of Us
• Red Dead Redemption

We decided on Final Fantasy 7, The Witcher and Zelda, because we like these three games by far. The pictures have a size of 11, 75×36 inches, i.e. 29, 9×91, 5cm. As a result of a YouTuber discount code of €150, Inc. Shipping, we did not have to pay any further fees. Payment can be made easily via credit card or PayPal.
The selected pictures were well packaged in a roll within three weeks. However, the postman once again meant to have to put them in front of the apartment door, which I do not find funny at all, since we paid a lot of money and had no desire for the Rennerry, the role would have been lost.

IMG_9258The pictures are printed on semi-gloss photo premium paper. They showed no damage under unclean pressure points, which caused us the most worry due to the order in America. But the concern was completely unjustified. Since there are unfortunately only very seldom picture frames in inches in Germany, we naturally had the problem that we had to look for suitable picture frames. Of course there is nothing on the Internet in exactly this size. So we had to make the frames extra. As you can see it worked out, more about how and where we have it made, I tell you in the next days in a separate blog post. The fact that it worked, you can see the frame, without which the pictures would still be in the role.











As you can see in the picture above, we had to hang the pictures quite high, so that they do not disappear behind the screens and still come out well. We are now really very happy with our selection. And how do you like the pictures? Which is your favorite motif?

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