It’s December and Christmas is coming. Outside it is cold and this year there is also some snow. In the evening you like to sit by candlelight with biscuits and tea on the couch and read a good book or watch TV. I like to eat spiced, because you could stand on the shelf all year round! That’s why I was so excited when I discovered the Edeka spiced cream! And when searching the internet for other manufacturers I came across some great recipes to make myself. Since most of

I’m sure you know this, too. You wrote a really great post but somehow you don’t have the right photo. Or you might have to work on so many more pictures, but this week there is just so much going on that you can’t find time for it. Maybe you guys have totally mis-planned your release dates, like I sometimes do? In any case, I am often in such a situation that my job or illness or family or friends or anything else gets in the way and I sometimes

Welcome to my new series “How do you live in…?”. So many of us would like to live abroad and get an insight into everyday life in other countries. There’s not much to see on holiday of the daily live. The idea for this series came to me when I read on a report about German idiosyncrasies and how this affects non-Germans living with us. I was wondering what of the things that are so natural to us might be different anywhere else. That’s why I’ve been looking for

What, is a month gone by again? Also this month I have found some great blog posts, some of which were really emotional and upsetting. So here we go with the best blog posts I found in January. Blog Posts: Emotional At the top of the list is Nicole’s post about her dead baby Hannah. We call them star chilren in Germany. I knew the story though, but to read it again, with the photos at that, that was really hard. Sometimes we lose ourselves in negative thoughts and do

Fritz Hansen

Advertising This winter is one of the darkest since the beginning of the recording. The sun does not want to show itself and hides rather behind grey clouds. To date, only about 78% of the usual hours of sunshine have been reached nationwide. And you don’t want to get gloomy? It often only helps to turn the lights on at home. With light to expel the winter Especially in these dark months I like to lie in a blanket snuggled on the couch and switch on to read the light.

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