Sometimes I just look on Google Maps, what there are in my environment for photo spots and sights. So I also came across at the end of April that there are two waterfalls near Murrhardt, the waterfalls in the Hörschbachtal (Hörschbach Valley). Murrhardt is located about 50km northeast of Stuttgart.

Further research on Google revealed that there are several ways to hike the waterfalls. The 10km hiking trail dropped out right away, as it was classified as difficult. So only the short version from the front to the back waterfall remained. But even this trail is advertised as not easy. And since I had little desire to wade through the stream without a bridge but with my not waterproof and quite unsuitable for hiking camera equipment, I decided that for my first visit the light version must suffice.

How to get to the Hörschbach Valley Waterfalls

Ideally, you go by car. The 10-kilometer hiking route starts at the train station and can accordingly also be reached by train. Otherwise, the waterfalls are not accessible by public transport.

To get to the front waterfall, it is best to park at parking lot 2. The rear waterfall can be reached either from P2, provided you take the path through the gorge, or, which is shorter and easier, from P4. By the way, there is a barbecue area at parking lot 3.

Hörschbachtal Waterfalls - Front Waterfall

The front waterfall of the Hörschbachtal can be reached quite easily. You can park quite directly at the waterfall (parking lot P2) and murr only about 100m into the forest. And already you come out above the waterfall. At this point you can cross the stream over a small wooden bridge. But be careful, the bridge has no railing! But since you would fall here only a few centimeters deep, the crossing even with pronounced fear of heights is not a real problem.

Front Waterfall Hörschbachtal

More difficult, however, is the descent to the waterfall. Here, too, there is no belay. You have to climb over many roots and step-like wooden boards. In addition, a fallen tree has made the descent even more difficult. In case of rain or ice, you really have to be doubly careful here, because it goes several meters into the depth. In any case, you don’t want to fall here!

Once you have reached the bottom, you have a great view of the waterfall, which falls about 5 meters into the depths at this point at the Engelhofer Platte. The Engelhofer plate is Steinmergelbank on the border between the middle and upper Gipskeuper with clayey layers in the lying (source and more information about the geology at the waterfall and Hörschbachtal can be found HERE).


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Front Waterfall Hörschbachtal
Front Waterfall Hörschbachtal

Since it has not rained for a long time, the waterfall was relatively small and weak. Compensated for this, however, the fact that you could a little into the creek bed to make beautiful pictures from there. A little bit I had to think of a jungle lagoon. Except for another photographer, who soon left, nobody was there. Only the birds twittered, no cars were to be heard. Wonderful this silence! Well, it was also only about quarter past eight. Since most Sunday excursionists are still sitting comfortably at breakfast.

Front Waterfall Hörschbachtal
Front Waterfall Hörschbachtal from above

Hörschbach valley waterfalls: Rear waterfall

To shorten the light version of the hiking route even more, we then went by car to parking lot P4. From there, a well-maintained forest road leads through the Hörschbach Valley to the Hintere Wasserfall. The path is also very well signposted and a little over a kilometer long.

At first it goes mostly uphill. The last meters go down again to the rest area above the rear waterfall. There at the stream there is a small sluice that you can open by hand. Thanks to the sluice, you can admire the impressive waterfall even in times when the stream has less water. At least for a short time.

On the way to the rear Hörschbachtal waterfall
On the way to the rear Hörschbachtal waterfall

Because when I just stood in the stream, someone has opened the lock above. Had he warned me once, I could have made many more great pictures! However, after a short time everything was over again and the waterfall had become a trickle again.

By the way, the descent to the lower part of the rear waterfall is even more difficult than at the front fall. Sturdy shoes and an imprinted sense of balance are more than helpful here. Here, too, there are no railings to secure the way. The steps don’t really deserve the name.

Lock at the rear Hörschbach Valley Waterfall

Still, you should dare to descend. The air in the gorge was incredible. Warm and humid, I almost felt like I was in a jungle lagoon. Plus the chirping of the birds and the babbling of the stream. It was so relaxing! But be careful, because when someone opens the sluice, quite a lot of water comes down. You shouldn’t be standing in the creek then (which is what they warn you about anyway. Fortunately, you can hear the water before you see it.

After enjoying the back waterfall, you can have a little picnic at the top and fortify yourself for the way back. Apparently there is also a small restaurant nearby, but it was closed due to illness. Thus, I also can not say whether a visit there would be worthwhile. If you are in the area, then check out the waterfalls in any case.

Rear Waterfall Hörschbachtal with little water
Rear Waterfall Hörschbachtal after lock was opened

Detailed information about the 10 km hiking route including a link to the hiking guide can be found at HERE (scroll all the way down for the Wanderwalter link).


Did you know that there are these impressive waterfalls? Have you ever been there? Please don’t forget to leave me a comment and share the post.

If you want to see the front waterfall frozen, head over to XXX.

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